The photo of Georgina Rodríguez ironing that you cannot miss! He has shared that part of his weekend is spent on housework..

Her professional commitments mean that Georgina Rodríguez has to spend a lot of time away from home. But when her schedule allows her to be at home, the model not only takes the opportunity to enjoy her family, make plans with Cristiano Ronaldo or sit down to play with the children without thinking about anything else. She perfectly organizes her schedule to have time for housework . As she has shown, this Sunday it was the turn of ironing clothes, an occupation that she had never shared before. 

“Sundays”, has said Gio – that is how they affectionately call her in her environment – next to an image in which she appears dressed in a pink tracksuit with the iron in her hand. 

Next to it, the table on which he is removing the wrinkles from a garment, and on the floor the laundry basket full of clothes.

Georgia Rod

Both Georgina and Cristiano are completely devoted to their children, with whom they love spending time and making plans. 

At their side they have crossed the waters of the Mediterranean during the summer and have had a great time on their impressive yacht, but they also go to the theater, they frequently visit an equestrian center in Italy.

the country where they are installed, they go out to the park to ride a bike, they organize parties at home when there is a special occasion…

Of course, although the little ones grow up in a privileged environment, the model and the soccer player want them to always keep in mind the humble origins of their parents to value everything That surrounds them.

“We have worked very hard to achieve what we have and that is the teaching that we want to transmit to our children,” she assured in  Grace, where he recognized that they have been taught not to take anything for granted, to be humble and not lose touch with reality. 

” Sacrifice, discipline, a sense of responsibility, dreams, perseverance and gratitude are values ​​that we want to transmit to them every day, ” he added.