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The OTP will not pocket this day, they badly hit the bank paper

Today, the BUX index ended the day down 3.0 percent compared to its last closing value. The BUX index is currently below its 20-, 50-, and 200-day moving averages, so a clear downward trend can be observed in the case of the domestic stock index in the most important time periods.

Evolution of the value of BUX

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The mood on the Hungarian stock market was bad, the prices of all 4 domestic blue chips fell.

Today’s exchange rate change for domestic blue chips

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The mood on the domestic midcaps market deteriorated today, the price of CIG Pannónia fell by 5.4 percent, and the price of Opus fell by 2.0 percent. The best performers today were the shares of ANY, whose price went up by 4.7 percent.

Today’s exchange rate change of domestic midcaps

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The largest turnover today was in OTP’s papers, HUF 14.2 billion worth of company shares changed hands, but the Top 5 also included the shares of Mol, Richter, Magyar Telekom and 4iG.

The five most traded stocks on the Budapest Stock Exchange (million forints)

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