The Opel Astra, the heir to the legendary Opel Kadett, celebrates 30 years with renewal / revolution included

In 1991 the Opel Astra inherited the Opel Kadett tradition of pioneering the introduction of innovations in the compact segment and make them accessible to the general public. Along with its predecessor, and more than any other model, the Astra has become an ambassador of change for Opel, conveying important messages from the automaker to the outside world. Among them are its expressive design, versatility and dynamism, as well as German emotion, accessibility and precision.

When the Opel Astra made its world debut in 1991 the world was in the process of change. The new generation of the Opel compact fully embodied that spirit. It acquired a new name (Astra, like its British Vauxhall companion) and a host of newly developed safety systems, such as the front seat belt pretensioners. Internally known as Astra F, it also focused on sustainability, with a high level of recyclability that was a big step towards closing the loop on raw materials. Interested parties flocked to dealerships. With a production of around 4, 13 million units between 1991 and 1997, the Astra F is the brand’s best-selling model to date.

1997: Hollywood comes to Rüsselsheim with the Astra G The success of the Astra F set the bar very high for its predecessor, so when the development of the next generation began, Opel looked further for inspiration ” of the usual limits “. For example, the design team created the Astra G with the help of the movie “Jurassic Park”; although this does not mean that the model was cloned from the DNA of a dinosaur. Rather, the designers used a computer-aided design (CAD) program called ALIAS, originally developed for computer-animated films like the Hollywood blockbuster. The program allowed the team to work on the new model in a three-dimensional virtual environment.

Astra H itself achieved “box office success” status in 2003. During the premiere of the third generation of the model, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, the prestigious German magazine “auto motor und sport” asked its readers which compact car they liked the most at the show. The new Opel won overwhelmingly with 52 percent of the vote.

With the fourth generation Opel the letter “I” was skipped to avoid confusion with the number “1”. Thus, the Astra J adopted in 2009 some of the advanced technologies of the successful Opel Insignia mid-size saloon, transferring them to the compact segment for the first time. Thanks to the AFL + headlights, the Astra could look around corners, while the Opel Eye front camera not only recognized traffic signs, it could also warn drivers if they were in danger of deviating from the lane.

Lighting the way Continuing the tradition, the Astra K also stood out for its lighting technology. The “European Car of the Year in 2016” was the first to introduce fully adaptive IntelliLux LED® matrix lighting into the compact segment that does not cause glare; Until then reserved for premium and luxury models of higher segments. In addition, the new Astra K once again bet on comfort with the introduction of ergonomic front seats with AGR certification (Aktion Gesunder Rücken / Campaign for Healthier Backs). Some seats that could even have ventilation and massage functions similar to those of the current new Astra.

The Astra 2021 inherits the design trend inaugurated with the Mokka X. The Astra from 1991 to 2021 With the model announcement 2021, the Opel Astra enters its sixth generation and begins a new era. For the first time, this compact will be available with electrified propulsion, as a plug-in hybrid with two power levels, in addition to versions with highly efficient gasoline and diesel engines. The new Opel Astra is also a design statement for the German manufacturer: bold and pure, with the brand’s new front-end, the Opel Vizor, and Pure Panel digital instrumentation.


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