The mysterious layer near the core of the Earth – RB

The mysterious layer near the Earth’s core – RB

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The Mysterious Layer Near the Earth’s Core – RB

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The mysterious layer near the core of the Earth – RB


Its origins could be linked to the crash of a celestial object on the young Earth: near the Earth’s core there is a mysterious region

January 9 2022

We learned them at school, by heart and in order: from the most superficial one there are the crust , the cloak , the core external and the core internal. They are the layers that make up the Earth , our planet , and which determine its weight.

But scientists may have made future science tasks more difficult: a possible new layer of the Earth has been discovered , which remains mysterious.

The known layers of our planet

As we said, there are four layers that we know. Not all of them have the same thickness : the crust is the thinnest layer, and has a mass of 0.4% of the total. There is an oceanic crust, up to a maximum of 07 kilometers thick, and a continental one , which goes up to 70 or 80 kilometers in correspondence of the mountain ranges.

The cloak is the largest layer: it occupies the 84% of the total volume. Its temperature in the innermost areas reaches 4 thousand degrees centigrade, and it is completely solid.

Finally, the core : despite having a volume equal to one seventh of the total, its mass is 31%, therefore very high, because it is mainly composed iron and nickel. The outer core is liquid, allowing large masses of material to move and generate our magnetic field. The inner core is instead solid, with temperatures up to 6 thousand degrees. In recent years it has been the focus of some very important discoveries.

The new layer discovered by scientists

New research published in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience has revealed an important novelty: near the Earth’s core there would be a new yet unknown layer .

A team of scientists is in fact exploring what’s under the mantle by sending radar waves that bounce and come back. On this journey, radar waves collect information which they then bring to the surface, helping us understand what’s under our feet and in what quantity.

The surprising discovery concerns the area near the Earth’s core. They are called ultra-low speed regions , because seismic waves slow down and the density increases. According to scientists they are too different from the other layers that make up our planet: they are almost an anomaly , and their composition could go back to the primitive forms of our Earth.

But since it is impossible to send instruments – and therefore much less men – so deeply, the scientists resorted to a simulation . Using the data collected with radar waves, they built a model of these ultra-low speed zones, to understand how the current composition was arrived at.

And they speculated that more than four billion years ago, when dense iron was sinking into the core of the primitive Earth and denser minerals remained in the surface mantle, a space object the size of Mars may have crashed into our young Land. The debris born from this collision would have been thrown into the surrounding space, forming, among other things, the Moon. But this would also have significantly increased the Earth’s temperature. The densest layer would expand, becoming the ultra-low-speed regions we are “exploring” today.