The most requested jobs in Italy in 2022 – RB

The most requested jobs in Italy in 2022 – RB

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The most requested jobs in Italy in the 2022 – RB

The most requested jobs in Italy in 2022 – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The most requested jobs in Italy in the 2022 – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The most requested jobs in Italy in the 2022 – RB

January 1st 2022

According to an investigation by the Manpower Group Observatory, the beginning of 2022 should bring a significant boost in terms of hires, with a + 22% in the first quarter , thanks above all to two sectors: finance and real estate. While, according to the report, employers seem to have returned to trust in the future, small and medium-sized enterprises continue to struggle. But how to choose the next job? What to specialize in? Here is what should be the most requested jobs in Italy in the 2022 .

Most searched and requested jobs in the 2021

First it is appropriate to think about what it was: what were the most sought-after jobs in 2021? ‘Vanity Fair’ analyzed the ads from ‘Indeed’ and compiled a ranking on the year that just ended.

Here is the top ten searches in 2021 carried out by job seekers:

1. Secretary ;

2. Receptionist;

3. Smart working;

4. OSS;

5. Sales clerk;

6. Job vacancy announcements;

7. Driver’s license B;

8. Back office;

9. Educator;

10. Without experience.

Here are the main announcements published by the companies, again in 2021:

1. Sales clerk ;

2. Cleaning attendant;

3. Warehouse worker;

4. Waiter;

5. Forklift driver ;

6. Nurse;

7. Production employee;

8. Accounting employee;

9. Electrician;

10. Warehouse clerk.

Most requested jobs in 2022

What awaits us, however, in 2022? According to the forecast contained in the Excelsior report, requested by Unioncamere and Anpal , next year there will be 2.5 million of new employees , including employees and freelancers. Most of the demand will be for highly specialized jobs. Here are some examples:

digital businesses: will look for staff with mathematical, computer and digital skills, especially date scientist and security experts IT and IA ; professionals’ green ‘to recalibrate the production of companies; private banker in the world finance; Data Protection Officer to protect personal data; UX Designer ; Chief Happiness Officer or Happiness Manager: they will have to create solutions that satisfy or employees; Growth Hacker : the most requested and best paid occupation of the future is defined, he will have to take care of growing his company. His skills range from information technology to marketing, but he must also know how to manage social channels: it is estimated that his salary can fluctuate from 60 thousand ai 170. 000 $ per year (speaking of skills, here’s what you absolutely must not go wrong in your curriculum: the guide); Cloud Architect or Cloud Engineer : deals with creating cloud environments adaptable to the business of a company; Resilience manager : takes care of team cohesion, in order to make it more resilient in case of crisis; Broadband Architect : weaves format and app to calibrate the comun online and offline ication of a company. Speaking of jobs and salaries, here is the list of the professions with which you earn the best in our country, from the notary to the pilot, from the engineer to the pharmacist: which are the highest paid jobs in Italy.