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The Christmas motifs are the protagonists of this selection of tablecloths but in the case of Zara Home they are in the right measure to follow resulting elegant. They are also a good way to get a beautiful and elegant table without too much effort.

Although the Zara Home editorial proposes tablecloth tables in sober tones and natural finishes such as linen, Zara Home has in its catalog a very extensive selection of tablecloths with more or less obvious Christmas motifs . Among so much variety there is a lot to choose from and the good news is that if you bet on those with less obvious patterns (such as green or red squares), their use can extend beyond Christmas.

With these festive tablecloths, you need little more than a neutral, plain white tableware (like this one from El Corte Inglés at a very reasonable price) to dress a beautiful and very Christmas table. Another valid (and cheaper) option is to choose to buy only the napkin sets that accompany these tablecloths and make them stand out on a neutral basis.

The tablecloth on the cover is this one and it is full of Christmas motifs (mistletoe) stamped on a white background. This tablecloth is the only one offered in round size . With a diameter of 180 cm rectangular 170 x 250 cms, both are priced at 24, 99 euros

One of the most Christmas is this tablecloth with contrasting winter patterns of snowflakes, geometric shapes and fir trees. Available in two colors: red or white. For a size of 2 to 4 people (150 x 150 cm) 25, 99 euros; From 6 to 8 people (150 x 300 cm) 28, 99 euros and from 8 to 10 diners (150 x 300 cm) 39, 99 euros

This is how beautiful is this cotton tablecloth with a red and white checkered pattern. It is available in a single size, large (to receive) of 150 x 250 cms. It has a price of 39, 142 euros

White linen tablecloth with border and elegant Christmas motifs throughout the room, from 6 to 8 people (150 x 250 cm) by 60, 99 euros

This cotton tablecloth is dressed with a pattern of branches and leaves in green and red on a light background. For a size of 6 to 8 people (150 x 250 cm) 39, 142 euros

With red and green striped pattern on a white background, tablecloth made of 150 x 180 cms by 28, 99 euros

Another tablecloth with vegetal motifs stamped with ivy and mistletoe branches on a white background. From 6 to 8 diners size 142 x 300 cms 39, 99 euros and from 8 to 13 Diners size 150 x 375 cms 49, 99 euros

The most romantic is this cotton tablecloth with contrasting checkered pattern and heart shapes for 6 to 8 people (size 150 x 250 cms) by 29, 99 euros

Christmas tablecloth made of cotton with reliefs and ornamental jacquard background design. Top print with holly detailing by 50, 95 euros.

A very classic linen model and embroidered with Christmas motifs on a white background and cross stitch. From 6 to 8 people ( 170 x 300 cm) 95, 99 euros and from 8 to 10 diners (170 x 350 cm) 99, 99 euros

A very festive tablecloth that includes golden motifs. Light colored linen tablecloth with mistletoe border around the entire room, for 6 to 8 people (150 x 250 cm) 59, 99 euros

A classic for Christmas but also for other dates. Cotton tablecloth with checkered pattern in different colors, in size 150 x 250 cms price 39, 99 euros

And the poinsettia or Christmas flower is the main motif of this tablecloth on a white background. For large tables size of 150 x 250 cms price 50, 99 euros.

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We have been inspired by: Other tablecloths and accessories for Christmas tables.

In El Corte Inglés we find this one with a pattern of flowers and fruits that mixes 60% linen and 40% cotton by from 50, 95 euros

Christmas linen and cotton tablecloth Garland El Corte Inglés

Holly El Corte Inglés sustainable cotton Christmas tablecloth 21, 95 euros

Holly El Corte Inglés sustainable cotton Christmas tablecloth

Cutlery of 24 pieces with gold titanium plating, golden stainless steel cutlery set service for 6 (matte gold) 33, 99 euros

Christmas stamping paper napkins of 2, 50 euros

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