The MCU has had a tremendous amount of success. It has taken characters like Iron Man and Thanos from a place of relative obscurity for the non-comic fan and has made them both as recognizable and beloved as Indiana Jones or Darth Vader.


It is a film franchise of such unparalleled success that it doesn’t truly have a single competitor.

So that means it’s just fine to shine a big ole light on its greatest mistakes! Some of these mistakes are minor, like the occasional changed motivation or character appearance.

Then there are the slightly more serious changes that involved actor changes, continuity errors or dropped set-ups.

Then there are the BIG mistakes like the inconsistencies that change the entire trajectory of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sometimes the MCU has set things up with no real plan of what to do about it.

While most of the time that pays off, it occasionally results in a glaring mistake that distracts you in each rewatch.

Several of these mistakes are so bold that even the makers of the films admitted they were wrong or retconned them entirely. It’s a special kind of movie screw-up when the subsequent movie has to cover its tracks.

Though it is comforting to know that even Kevin Feige makes mistakes.

Let’s just say that eyebrows are not where his producing skills thrive.

So let’s comb through all the mistakes the MCU has made while they accumulated so much success.

the mcu is the most successful film

franchise of all time

perhaps nothing has changed the

landscape of film and pop culture in so

short a time so that means it’s totally

fine to talk about all the crazy

mistakes they’ve made along the way

the first thor movie made a huge flex

when it revealed the complete infinity

gauntlet in odin’s treasure chest

this was very quickly retconned when it

was revealed that most of the mcu movies

would revolve around the gathering of

the infinity stones by the agents of


then it was retconned more when hella

showed that it was just a fake

so moden really likes to keep fake

recreations of weapons that don’t yet


well everybody needs a hobby i guess

marvel is well known for seeding their

films with a ton of references and hints

for them to pay off later the only

problem is that sometimes these payoffs

never actually happen

next time baby that is exactly the case


cosmic marvel hero adam warlock’s cocoon

in the collector’s collection

while that seemed like warlock gunn

later retconned his real cocoon into

guardians 2.

man the collector’s gonna be really mad

when it opens up and it’s just a normal

space slug or something

the sony marvel relationship has been

very rocky

for a while there it seemed like tom

holland’s spidey would no longer feature

in the mcu

i’m still unclear on whether venom is

supposed to be in it either

perhaps the biggest mistake in the

partnership is the bizarre time skip in

the opening moments of the film

somehow this film thinks that the

avengers happened like eight years

before civil war

either somebody messed up in the writers

room or marvel owes us six

more avengers movies with the core cast

i mean i’d be cool with that

wouldn’t you

we didn’t know how good we had it with

those glorious stan lee cameos

the late comic book creators perfectly

timed one-liners never failed to land a

solid joke or reference

perhaps the best one was in guardians 2

when stan was shown talking to the


this seemingly confirms a fan theory

that lee was a watcher himself and

that’s why he was in every movie

the only problem is that the line he

references in the scene was from civil

war which takes place

after guardians 2. well maybe stan lee

is a time traveler as well

i mean if he can jump between marvel

universes what does time travel matter

in guardians of the galaxy it’s revealed

that gomorrah is the last of her kind

because of

thanos this provides a cool origin but

it gets retconned later when we see that

thanos only obliterated half

of her people according to him the

planet is now thriving with life now

that the overpopulation problem was


see gamora he’s not that bad he only

destroyed half your people

well okay maybe that is still pretty bad

especially if her family was in the bad


marvel just can’t seem to decide on how

evil loki is

the character’s popularity due to tom

hiddleston’s amazing performance has

really thrown a wrench into several

plans for the character

at first he was an evil jealous brother

then a conqueror

then a reformed hero then a conqueror

again and then comic relief

then thanos’s stress ball and finally a

time traveling thief

he was at his most evil in the avengers

when he led an army to conquer earth and

failed in a dramatic fashion only

apparently he wasn’t that evil

it was confirmed that loki like hawkeye

was under the effects of the mind stone

that would explain why he was so sweaty

and tired throughout the film

if you’ve only watched the iron man

films you might not know that the

mandarin is actually tony’s arch nemesis

and that is because the mandarin in iron

man 3 was actually an

actor used to manipulate world events

this seemed disappointing for fans of

the character but apparently the real


is out there and he’s angry at trevor

slattery well

buckle up because the real mandarin will

appear in shang chi

will i get his final revenge on trevor i

guess we’ll find out

the incredible hulk is definitely the

most under loved of the mcu films

nearly everything about it from its

villains to its lead actors were dropped

from the extended franchise

the mcu wisely decided to steer clear of

this craziness but kept william hurts

thunderbolt ross and that glorious

glorious mustache of his

so now that thanos has completed his arc

and it was awesome

we can’t admit that marvel had no idea

what they were doing with those thanos


i mean the guy went through like four

different looks before they got to the

infinity war one

one of the biggest inconsistencies came

in age of ultron when thanos took out

the infinity gauntlet

the same gauntlet that didn’t exist yet

because etry hadn’t made it yet

i think the first thor doesn’t get

enough love

it’s a different kind of superhero movie

that tells an intimate story about a god

who learns the value of the humility of

a man

you know it doesn’t get enough hate

though thor’s crazy blonde eyebrows

apparently this was all kevin feige’s

doing and he is deeply sorry for it

you just stick to producing massively

successful interconnected film


leave the eyebrows stuff to somebody


and there you have it all of the mcu’s

biggest mistakes

even they admitted to but come on after

over 20 movies they were bound to make a


were there any good ones that you missed

let us know in the comments and don’t

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