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The leader of the Taliban did something unexpected – I’m sure not many expected this

“According to the order of the supreme leader of the faithful and the judge of the supreme court, 2,460 prisoners will be released from the country’s prisons as part of an amnesty,” the court announced on Twitter. They added that in the case of 471 convicts, the sentences imposed will be reduced.

The leader of the Afghan radical Islamist Taliban gave a speech on April 18 on the occasion of the multi-day holiday. In it, he emphasized that Afghanistan does not want to interfere in the internal affairs of other states, but that other countries should not interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan either. He called on members of the Taliban movement to act justly and refrain from all forms of discrimination.

Nevertheless, since their return to power, the Taliban have severely restricted women’s rights, once again imposed the strict rules of Islam – according to their interpretation – on them, excluding them from public life and to a large extent from education. Among other things, women were forbidden to go to parks.

Cover photo: Mohammad Noori/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images