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the key dates for the return to normalcy

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Covid infections are on the rise in Italy, but the effect of vaccines is making itself felt and so the road to return to pre-pandemic life should not suffer setbacks. The goal is that of a “normal” summer to which to arrive – viruses and new variants permitting – gradually. The restrictions will gradually fall, for some there is already a date for others to be decided in detail. Precisely for this reason there is great anticipation for a new decree, which could see the light this week, perhaps as early as Wednesday, March 16. Let’s see what decisions have already been made, with the key dates, and those to be taken.

The new decree

The new provision must contain the calendar of reopening from March 31 to June 15, but also the new rules for the Green pass – basic and super – to be applied as early as April 1. The rules for school and quarantines should also be revised. On the latter aspect, it is possible that yet another decree will be approved.

March 31st

The state of emergency ends on March 31st. The regions will no longer be divided with the color system, the commissioner structure will be dismantled, which changes shape and becomes a “mission unit” in connection with the Ministry of Health (if not directly with Palazzo Chigi ed). The use of generalized smart working also disappears. After March 31, to be able to continue with agile work, an ad hoc agreement between company and employee will be necessary.

“Me on 31 (March ed) however I want to pass the hand because I have an important position as commander of the Joint Chief Operating Officer and I want to dedicate myself to that. I think I’ve done my part, I’ve seen beautiful things and less beautiful things but that’s enough. I am a technician and I want to remain a technician “, said the extraordinary commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo.

From 1 April

From April 1st it will be possible to eat or drink something outdoors in bars and restaurants without having to show the super green pass. In indoor venues (ditto concert spaces and sports facilities), on the other hand, only the “basic” certificate should be needed. The basic green pass should also be enough to get on public transport.

With the beginning of April, stadiums and arenas will be able to accommodate more spectators: 100% capacity at the stadium, 75% for the halls. From 1 April buses and metro, regional and high-speed trains will return to travel at full capacity instead of 80% (Airplanes already travel with 100% of the seats occupied). At school, however, no more obligation to wear the Ffp2 masks.

From 1 May

With the beginning of May new easing. If everything continues in the right direction, from 1 May we should say goodbye to the basic green pass even indoors in restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters and concert halls. It is not clear that, on the other hand, the obligation to have the basic certificate will remain in order to use the means of transport, enter the hospital or rsa.

From May 1st, those over 50 could return to work even if they do not have a super green pass. The basic one will suffice. The farewell to indoor masks is still shrouded in doubt: it is not clear that we will have to wait until the end of May or if it will arrive earlier.

The vaccination obligation for over 50s

Finally, on June 15, the vaccination obligation for over 50s expires. No obligation and therefore no fines.

A dangerous race?

If we all want freedom. however, there are those who invoke caution. “We ask for caution, the pandemic is not over.” This is the warning launched by Filippo Anelli, president of the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), through Adnkronos. “Do not dismantle the Green pass after the end of the state of emergency – he says -. I believe it is a right of citizens and I would like it to be maintained. The vast majority of Italians have been vaccinated. I do not understand why we cannot ask to be able to stay together. to those who have been vaccinated and cannot prefer to be in a place where everyone is vaccinated, knowing that the possibility of contagion is reduced “.