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The iPhone 15 Pro button saga continues with the rumors of the “3D Touch” action button.


Following reports last week that Apple had ditched the iPhone 15 Pro’s solid-state buttons due to “technical issues,” a new leak claims that Apple is actually moving forward with the feature.

Second @analyst941 on Twitterwhich he revealed information about iOS 17 last week, Apple still plans to launch the iPhone 15 Pro with a capacitive active button that will be “force-sensitive… like 3D touch used to be” and “can be ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ pressed” . The button will replace the mute switch, which has been a staple on all iPhone models since its launch in 2007.

The tipster also claims that the Action button will have various uses within apps, including new features within the Camera app. Analyst941 says the buttons will have three functions:

Light press: force the camera to automatically focus on the closest subject Hard press: take a photo Long and long press: take a video

Currently you can press one of the volume buttons to take a photo or hold one to record a video, with an option in Settings to use volume up for Burst mode. However, the Action button would be a much more visible and presumably publicized feature if it came with the iPhone 15.

Analyst941 also says the Action button will be used to force restart the phone instead of the power button, but doesn’t offer any other details on how the button would work. Presumably, it will have different options depending on which app you use, and it will have an API so developers can customize it for third-party apps as well.

After months of rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro’s solid-state buttons, Ming-Chi Kup reported last week that Apple had decided to drop the feature due to “technical issues,” but Analyst941, who leaked accurate rumors in past, he’s confident Apple will still ship new iPhones with capacitive buttons. We probably won’t know for sure until the iPhone 15 launches in September, but you can follow the ever-changing leaks and rumors in our Summary of the iPhone 15.