The Adriatic Sea borders the peninsula in the east, the Sea of Sicily in the south, the Ionian Sea in the southeast, the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west, all those seas are parts of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Ionian, Tyrrhenian, and Ligurian Seas are all sections of what larger sea?

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The Ionian, Tyrrhenian, and Ligurian Seas are all sections of what larger sea? Web Results

Tyrrhenian Sea – Wikipedia
Geography. The sea is bounded by the islands of Corsica and Sardinia (to the west), the Italian peninsula (regions of Tuscany, Lazio, Campania, Basilicata, and Calabria) to the north and east, and the island of Sicily (to the south). The Tyrrhenian Sea also includes a number of smaller islands like Capri, Elba, Ischia and Ustica.

Sicily – WorldAtlas
Sicily. Italy possesses up to 27 islands in the Mediterranean Sea, including two of the largest islands. These two Italian islands account for 48.5% of the total land area in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is the largest Italian island, spanning 25,711 km 2.It and Sardinia are the two Italian autonomous regions off the mainland.

Mediterranean Sea – WorldAtlas
The Mediterranean Sea experiences a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters.. The Mediterranean Sea hosts numerous beautiful islands. Some of the large Mediterranean Islands include Corsica, Crete, Cyprus, Chios, Euboea, Lesbos, Mallorca, Rhodes, Sicily, and Sardinia.Covering a total area of about 25,711 km 2, the island of Sicily is the largest island …

The Geography of Italy: Map and Geographical Facts
Italy is a Mediterranean country located in southern Europe. It is bordered by the Adriatic Sea on the east coast, the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west or Mediterranean coast, and the Ionian Sea to the south.In the north, Italy is bordered by the countries of France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.

Italy – National Geographic Kids
Italy is a boot-shaped peninsula that juts out of southern Europe into the Adriatic SeaTyrrhenian SeaMediterranean Sea, and other waters. Its location has played an important role in its history. The sea surrounds Italy, and mountains crisscross the interior, dividing it into regions.

The 47 shark species that lurk in the Mediterranean ……/The-47-shark-species-that-lurk-in-the-Mediterranean
The sharks found in the Mediterranean. Angelshark. Angular roughshark. Atlantic catshark. Basking shark. Bigeye sixgill shark. Bigeye thresher (below)

The Impact of commercial and recreational harvesting for ……
The operational sex ratio of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus populations: The case of the Mediterranean marine protected area of Ustica Island (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) Article Full-text available

Mediterranean | Sea Temperatures
The Mediterranean is the largest sea that is not called an ocean. Bordered by Western Europe to the north, Africa to the south and the Middle East to the east this sea is surrounded by many of the world’s most ancient civilisations. The Mediterranean is seperated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Straits of Gibraltar.

Occurrence and spatio-temporal distribution of sperm whale ……
1. Boat surveys aimed at studying sperm whales in the Tyrrhenian Sea were conducted between 2002 and 2011. During 768 daily surveys, a total effort of 32 602 km was achieved within an area of 8800