The “Inflation” compensation definitively voted by Parliament

The “Inflation” indemnity definitively voted by the Parliament (News) – The “Inflation” indemnity definitively voted by the Parliament As, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “The“ Inflation ”compensation definitively voted by the Parliament” Here are the details .. Adopted by Parliament yesterday Wednesday 11 November, the “Inflation” allowance which was announced at the end of October, will be paid to all those whose income is less than 2 000 monthly net euros , whatever their status.

Who will receive the “Inflation” premium of 680 euros?

Employees, self-employed persons, beneficiaries of minimum social benefits, state employees, retirees from local authorities, the unemployed, scholarship students will be able to receive the “Inflation” bonus if their income is not do not reach 2000 net euros per month. This bonus will be tax-exempt.

Note: it will be paid even in the event of leave or absence , in particular in the event of sick leave or maternity leave.

When will the “Inflation” premium be paid?

This premium will be automatically paid , without any action to be taken. Employees will find it on their payslip at the end of December, paid in one go by their employer (which will be reimbursed by the State).

The other categories will receive it on the calendar following :

In December: private law employees; non-salaried workers, liberal professions, farmers; scholarship students. By January at the latest 2022: State officials and operators of State ; agents of local authorities; hospital agents In January 2022 : jobseekers ; beneficiaries of the contractual support path towards employment and autonomy (PACEA); beneficiaries of social minima and other social benefits; invalid; non-scholarship students benefiting from housing allowance. In February 2021: retirees © Source: Government Information Service An “injustice” for some

On the right and on the left, several deputies denounced an “injustice”. Indeed, the threshold used to receive the premium, of 2000 net euros, takes into account the individual income and not the household income. For example, a single mother earning 2 050 net euros per month will not receive it, whereas an employee who receives 1 680 euros per month and living with a partner with a higher income person will receive it.

In total, the “Infllation” bonus will be paid to 38 millions of French people.

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