The hospitality industry exits the tunnel and creates employment for the first time in 15 months thanks to the summer

The hotel industry recovers the path of growth after the pandemic. Despite the delay in aid , for the first time since the pandemic began, the sector is once again creating jobs, according to INE data released yesterday.

In June, just before the start of the summer campaign, the number of hires rose by 4%, according to the service sector indicators . This brings an end to 15 months of consecutive declines and the first growth since The first State of Alarm was decreed for the pandemic in March 2020.

Always according to INE data, the hospitality sector began to register growth figures in sales since last March , but that is due to the comparison with last year, when the premises were closed due to confinement. In April, the growth was thus of 792, 6%; in May of 557, 1% and in June of 85%.

Although the latest data from the INE are from June, the hospitality industry reached already in July a total of 1.6 million workers affiliated to Social Security , 4% more than in the same month of 2020, according to the affiliation data of the Ministry of Labor. “This increase supposes 62. 000 workers more than the previous year, although it still stands at slightly more than 200. 000 people per below the figures of 2019 when 1.8 million members were reached “, according to the Hospitality Industry of Spain.

In Erte Of the July affiliates, a total of 137. of Temporary Employment Regulation). This figure represents 8.5% of employees in the sector and 40, 6% of the total of workers with suspended employment.

In an interview published on the employer’s website, its president, José Luis Yzuel, assures that “the hospitality industry has once again demonstrated its ability to endure, its enormous resilience,” but also insists in which “it is a priority that we begin to be a more attractive sector from the labor point of view, where training and professionalization are two clear objectives”.

In Yzuel’s opinion, “we must advance in conciliation, in timetables ??, there are many areas for improvement in these labor relations” for which Hostelería de España is working with territorial organizations. “It is important that they lead a serious message of change and improvement of the sector”, says its president.

One of the axes of the future, is digitization. Yzuel makes it clear that “we have to be more technological in all areas, from the relationship with the client, knowing their expectations, which allows us to accelerate our response capacity, to improving the efficiency of processes through multiple tools. that are already available, and that it is necessary to know and that they reach all businesses “.

Along with digitization, another of the vectors that will mark the next few years in the market is that of sustainability.


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