The health pass comes into force in Italy

” The summer has been peaceful so far and we want it to remain so “, Mario Draghi said at the end of July, announcing the introduction of a health pass. Called “Green Pass” , it will be essential from August 6 to access closed places. The QR code must be shown to go through the doors of a restaurant or bar, to go to a swimming pool or to go to a cinema or a theater. The measure will also apply to large gatherings, such as sporting events, concerts, shows, fairs and congresses, but not for outdoor activities concerning in particular children and adolescents. The nightclubs remain closed until further notice but this sector will benefit from public aid.

A lighter health pass The manager who does not request the Green Pass risks ten days of closing his establishment and a fine of 400 to 1 . 000 euros which will also concern the customer. The precious sesame will not be required for children under 10 years. To obtain it, you must have received at least one dose of vaccine, be cured of Covid – 18 or failing that, present a negative test carried out during the previous forty-eight hours. The price of these will be lowered until 30 next September at euros for more than 12 years and 8 euros for minors.

Few controversies The introduction of the p sanitary ass aroused the strong reluctance of the League which deposited more than 900 amendments to slow down the adoption of the measure in Parliament. Matteo Salvini’s party asks for a simple self-certification to frequent bars and restaurants, refuses the Green Pass for fairs, minors, hotels but also means of transport. It should indeed be requested to board a TGV, a plane or a ship but only from 1 st September so as not to penalize the tourist sector and the travel of holidaymakers. However, it will be very difficult to enforce such a measure in public and regional transport.

With a view to guaranteeing face-to-face education at the start of the school year, the government of Mario Draghi is considering compulsory vaccination for school personnel. If 82% of teachers have already received their first dose and 79% their two doses, 220. 000 people working in schools have not yet received any.

Group immunity To date 30% of Italians over 12 are vaccinated. The priority is therefore the immunization of adolescents. After stalling, the mass vaccination campaign once again shows a sustained pace, especially for young people between 10 and 29 years. The threshold of 79% of vaccinated in this age group should be exceeded at the end of September which would guarantee a smooth start to the school year . Mario Draghi relies on the overwhelming majority of Italians in favor of adopting the health pass despite the multiplication of No Vax demonstrations. “ It is not an arbitrary instrument, he repeats, but the condition for leaving open economic activities . ”