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The head of JP Morgan will also be summoned to court over the Epstein case

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will be questioned under oath for up to seven hours over two days in a federal lawsuit accusing the bank of complicity in the sex trafficking of late client Jeffrey Epstein. Dimon can be questioned for a total of five hours by the lawyers of the US Virgin Islands and an Epstein sexual harassment accuser, who are plaintiffs in two separate lawsuits in Manhattan federal court, reported the CNBC.

The CEO of JP Morgan will also be heard by the court because Jes Staley, a former head of the investment bank, is also involved in the case. The bank sued Staley last month, alleging she covered up her “inappropriate relationship” with Epstein.

Dimon’s hearing will not take place until May. On Tuesday, the bank communicated that the CEO’s appearance in court was pointless because he could not share information relevant to the sex trafficking proceedings. Rakoff last month denied JP Morgan’s request to dismiss claims filed by the Virgin Islands and Epstein’s accuser regarding the CEO’s testimony.

The lawsuit alleges that the bank knowingly benefited from its involvement in Epstein’s sex-trafficking activities. At a March 16 court hearing, a lawyer for the Virgin Islands told Rakoff that both Dimon and Staley knew about Epstein’s sex trade while he was a client of the bank.

The court filing published Wednesday quotes testimony from Mary Callahan Erdoes, who became head of the bank’s asset and wealth management division in 2009. Erdoes claimed that JPMorgan already knew in 2006 that Epstein had been accused of paying cash to bring underage girls and young women to his home.

Cover photo: Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan. Source: Getty Images.