The great beauty … of operating system wallpapers

The great beauty …. of the wallpapers of the operating systems

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The great beauty …. of operating system wallpapers

The great beauty …. of the wallpapers of the operating systems We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The great beauty …. of the wallpapers of the operating systems Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The great beauty …. of operating system wallpapers

Let’s talk about wallpapers , also called wallpapers , or desktop. Those images that we have right in front of us for hours and hours, acting as a mat for the multitude of elements that populate our computers and gadgets.

So personal, and at the same time so widespread , it all depends on what one consider, or let us do with the device in question. What is certain is that they have been accompanying us on a regular basis for more than two decades , and we think they deserve a few lines in our post, waiting for a nice debate to take place.

A little history

We have to go back to the mid-1970s, when OfficeTalk from Xerox PARC had a certain design for its background. It was actually just a pattern of dots black on white – what You have two images illustrated on the left later – but that was the beginning of it all.

It would take many years for color and graphic ability to make big differences. Back in the year 1985, the system X Window could boast to be able to change the background bitmap.

In the Mac world, the possibility came in 1987, in System 5 , since it was possible to play with 8×8-bit patterns that formed a background. We have to jump to 1997, with MacOS 8, to be able to change the background at will, leaving behind patterns, and being able to choose images.

In the case of Windows , it was at 1. 990, with version 3.0 of Microsoft’s operating system, when we could start customizing backgrounds – patterns and full color images – in what they already called “Wallpaper”. At the same time, OS / 2 and Macintosh were playing with the possibility, but developed by third parties.

We can say that at this moment in the history of computing there were many different platforms operating around the planet, each one with its own orientations, domestic or professional, but all began to look for that differentiation factor , allowing users to customize and configure more things.

From Xerox PARC patterns to Bliss

The rest of the story I think most of us know, there is no system in any type of gadget that does not allow you to play with the customization of its appearance. In all this journey there is a really significant case when we talk about funds, and that is Bliss – right part of the image – that arrived with Windows XP.

Microsoft and their Windows

Microsoft is one of the companies that has taken care of the supply of funds with their operating systems, we can find a large number of images in their latest Windows, it even has a compilation page in which we can choose by theme.

For those who want to look back, here you have some of the funds that have lived with us for a long time, also some that are still there, and others that will come:

Apple and OS X

How could it be otherwise, also Apple takes care of its funds from exquisite shape, in them real images predominate, with landscapes, something that also happens in Microsoft’s offer. Sophistication, even marketing, came with Mac OS X . Each fund became a more important element in the release of new versions.

From Leopard (10. 5) they began to choose images of space – Andromeda – that became a whole icon in four system versions. In the latter, nature began to gain greater prominence.

Both on Mac and Windows we hardly find people in the images, nor technological elements. It is easier to see animals or plants, in addition to the aforementioned landscapes.

If we look at it in a general way, as mobile devices grew stronger in the market, the abstract, schematic backgrounds . Google and its young funds Chrome OS mix both ways:

A bit of Linux

Update , thanks to Roberto Ronconi I have been able to access a good list of funds , I am left with the following:

  • Debian , Ubuntu , Fedora …

The wallpaper is mobile

The term “wallpaper” comes from the Windows world, in other systems it could be known in another way, as “desktop picture”, but the reality is that the concept has overcome barriers, and it is more common to find it on our mobile devices , than on those desktop systems.

We live with the need to personalize everything that comes our way, with the funds we have been doing it for twenty years

We are not going to discover anything to you, more mobile devices are sold than computers, and logic tells us that this little gadget is more personal, it spends more time with us and we meet in the need to give our touch . Hence we can say that the wallpaper is mobile.

It is also a tool of distinction for manufacturers , since apart from whatever we find, believe, or edit on our own, all system and device developers carefully choose the collection of backgrounds that will accompany their creatures.

Very interesting is the current point in which we are, since funds can fly between devices at our whim. We are really faced with an image, whose main parameter is its resolution, an element that has overlapped in the specifications of desktop and mobile devices.

We could say more, it is much easier for new tablets and phones to have a higher resolution than most computers that we can buy, or have at home, be they laptops or desktops. In short, we can share them.

In any case, it is a decorative element, which can either be composed of a flat color, be made from a pattern, or have its pixels occupied by a detailed section of the Sistine Chapel. Complexity here is not important.

Be that as it may, in the world of computers it is related to the main window or desktop, and in the mobile world, to the start window, also considered the main desktop. We could extend and talk about lock screens, animated backgrounds, or backgrounds within applications , but in reality we would be talking about the same, decoration and customization.

New backgrounds in each presentation

It has been impossible for me to collect each one of the funds that are released with the versions of operating systems, even with each important device that goes on the market, but I can boast of having A good sample of wallpapers .

I have tried to divide them a bit by theme, I hope they are to your liking, and don’t be shy about trying a mobile background on a computer, or vice versa, resolutions have long broken barriers:

Some wallpapers related to Android …

Others that were released with important terminals …

Apple iOS

Nokia X, Lumias, Windows Phone …

The general line in the devices Nokia , at least in which I have had occasion to fiddle, it is a lot of real image in the Lumia, more abstract those of Nokia X and Windows Phone 8.1. Here’s a good sample (some repeat across phones):

QuadHD Wallpapers

Since we are assimilating resolutions as high on mobile devices as QHD, it is easy to find quality compilations with resolutions ranging from 2. 560 x1. 440 pixels , to formats larger than allow screen scrolling (up to 2. 681 x2. 560 pixels). Taken – and ideal – from phones like LG G3, Note 4, DROID Turbo, or Nexus 6. It also has Many pages to download free high resolution images .

The people of PhoneArena has a good sample:

Aerial backgrounds

Every day photography from space is more fashionable, or from as high as possible, with the possibility of capturing maps and areas with a special beauty due to their morphology and color. If you do not have the extension Earth View from Google Maps for Chrome, I invite you to take a look.

Returning to the wallpapers, I hope you like the following compilation – Aerial Wallpapers – by João Paulo Bernardes:

As you may have seen, there is a lot of variety in all categories, but in the last batch the use of images based on polygons , if you want to generate them on your own, there are Android applications like Polygen Wallpaper Generator . You can also take a look at the best wallp managers apers for Android .

Without wanting to enter too much into the elements that go on top of of our funds, it is interesting to take a look at Homescreen , a way to share the home screen and discover that of other users.

Your turn

We hope you will tell us about your desktop backgrounds, which one was with you the longest, which are your favorite resources, or what type of design you like the most. We are also aware that many are missing, especially from the Linux world, we are all ears about it.

Those up there are images that I can’t stop looking at . Patterns, settings and designs that I always have in front of me. I may like them a lot and they will accompany me for years, or I may get tired of some and change them as soon as a more attractive one crosses my path. They are my desktop backgrounds.

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