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The government’s latest announcement on price caps has arrived

The price caps have been with us for more than a year, the validity of which has been extended by the government several times, although their effectiveness is disputed by some, including MNB President György Matolcsy, so the question of their removal has been raised several times. Based on the current deadline, the price caps are in effect until April 30, 2023, although according to government communication, they will be maintained until inflation does not decrease significantly.

Based on today’s inflation data, we still can’t talk about a substantial improvement in inflation processes here, so the extension of price caps is strongly in the cards,

on which the government can make a decision soon.

The government’s latest testifies to this Your Facebook postaccording to which the price caps will definitely be in effect until the end of the month, however, a new decision on them will be made in the middle of April – that is, expectedly in the next few days.

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