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The government regrouped hundreds of billions in the budget

The government decided to regroup HUF 23.953 billion from the Central Residual Settlement Fund, while HUF 117 billion from the Overhead Protection Fund – according to the results published on Tuesday evening From the Hungarian Gazette.

The Gábor Bethlen Fund receives the largest amount of HUF 8.44 billion from the residual distribution fund for accumulation expenses, and HUF 1.78 billion also comes here for operating expenses. The second largest transfer, HUF 5 billion, goes to the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, while the Ministry of Energy receives HUF 2.9 billion and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade receives HUF 2.65 billion for purposes to be determined later. HUF 2.12 billion will be transferred to the Prime Minister’s Office.

At KKM, the item can be used for the operation of foreign missions, and the Hungary Helps international anti-Christian persecution and charity program will receive 375 million. And the Prime Minister’s Office can spend 2.12 billion on the operation of the capital and county government offices. The Ministry of the Interior will also receive HUF 131 million for the expenses of the National Pharmaceutical and Food Health Institute, while they can manage only HUF 510.6 million surplus for the performance of health care and development tasks.

The government also decided to withdraw HUF 1.727 billion from the Modern Cities Program. The money from the industrial development tasks goes to the Public Library royalties and art pension support section.

Most of the 117 billion of the overhead protection fund will be transferred to the Ministry of Energy: on paper, it is for the budgetary compensation of public services.

Cover photo: Prime Minister’s Press Office.