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The government has roughly intervened in the reduction of company overheads, the affected parties can breathe a sigh of relief

126/2023. (IV. 17.) government decree consists of only two points and last summer’s corporate overhead reduction into a system of rules he reached into it markedly. The essence of this, in a simplified way, is that the unit price of the energy provided to the typically small business sector, which has been a last resort since last summer and has been in emergency supply since January, must be reduced by 59% for electricity and 52% for gas from May 1, and this change will be a recent government decree practically makes it a mandatory part of ongoing supply contracts.

We are typically talking about small companies within the framework of the universal service, because the summer government decree essentially applied to companies with an annual turnover/total balance sheet of less than 2 million euros per year, with a maximum of 10 employees, and with regard to all places of consumption, a maximum of 4,606 KWh or up to 1489 m3 are entitled to reduced overhead energy.

Money center overhead calculator Calculate how much you will have to pay for gas and electricity from January 2023!

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