parlament 584888

The government can extend the state of emergency again

The recent proposal refers to the fact that in order to deal with the humanitarian disaster caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war in Hungary’s neighborhood and to avoid the consequences of international economic changes, “our country must continue to ensure the possibility of developing effective, fast national responses”.

In order to ensure that “all necessary means are available to help, support and accommodate the fleeing people, as well as to prevent the emerging harmful economic effects, to mitigate the consequences, and to ensure that the country leaves the harmful consequences of the war behind as soon as possible” , the government proposes to extend the state of emergency for another 180 days.

All of this means the continuation of governance by decree, that is, laws can still be regularly amended with lower-order legislation and government decrees. However, this proposal, in contrast to the autumn one, does not list the decrees valid during the state of emergency that would be definitively enacted into law.

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