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The Golden State Warriors towards the NBA Finals

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In April, just days before the NBA playoffs, the Golden State Warriors were not considered among the big favorites for the title, despite a regular season that ended with the third best record of the league, tied with the Miami Heat. In the last month of the playoffs, however, the team that had marked the last decade of the best basketball league in the world has exceeded all expectations and is now only one win from qualifying for the finals: they will try to get it tonight, in the minor. possible time, in Game-4 against the Dallas Mavericks.

In the first round of the playoffs, Golden State knocked out championship MVP Nikola Jokic’s Denver Nuggets in five games, conceding only one win to their opponents. In the next round, with some more effort, he eliminated Ja Morant’s Memphis Grizzlies in six games, named “most improved” player of the season, who had scored 47 points against Golden State, the highest score achieved individually in these playoffs.

In the final of conference the Dallas Mavericks were considered another obstacle within reach, albeit more complicated than the previous ones, as the most complete team that in the previous round had managed to eliminate Phoenix, one of the great favorites for the title, also thanks to the 35 points scored in the decisive race by the Slovenian phenomenon Luka Doncic. From an expert team back to competitiveness after a few years of reconstruction, in race-1 Golden State managed to contain Doncic with a series of tactical measures that stopped the Slovenian at just six baskets.

In the next two games Dallas found a way to free Doncic, who always went above 40 points, but Golden State continued to win supported by the performance of Steph Curry, who is playing with an average of 28 points per game and above all is not finding particular resistance in Dallas, however, very inaccurate shooting from distance with the other players. Until now all of Golden State’s opponents have not been able to do much against a team that has returned to playing from memory and in which every player seems exactly in his place.

In addition to Curry and Draymond Green, the two players who have been around the team for years, several other players are taking turns taking turns: among these is Klay Thompson, who returned in January after more than two years of inactivity due to injuries. , who is playing with an average of 16 points per game.

In game-3 against Dallas, after the first two performances already consistent in themselves, it was instead the turn of Andrew Wiggins – first choice in the 2014 draft – decisive both from distance shooting and under the basket and effective in defense. He finished with 27 points and 11 rebounds in the final 109-100 which now puts Golden State in a position to win the finals of conference with one sweepthat is, without conceding a single victory.

Before Wiggins, who embellished his best night in the playoffs with an emblematic dunk on Doncic, it was Jordan Poole – in his third year in the NBA – who provided a long series of excellent performances, also maintaining the guaranteed 18 points average in the playoffs during the regular season.

The Warriors coached by former Chicago Bulls player Steve Kerr then picked up where they left off in 2019, when they lost the finals to the Toronto Raptors. A little less spectacular than they were then, but equally effective, more aggressive and concrete under the basket, in the last month they have brought the record of winning streak away to the playoffs in NBA history to 26 in the last month, a streak that has lasted since 2013. and that has surpassed the one started in 2011 by LeBron James’ Miami Heat by three games.

In these playoffs they also became the fifth team in the history of the league to achieve two hundred victories in the postseason, reaching long-established teams such as the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs. Should they overcome Dallas for the fourth time tonight or in the next few days – as is very likely to happen – in the finals they will meet the winner from the other and more balanced final of conference between Boston and Miami, stops at 2-2.

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