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The forint has become a real star – But how long will it be like this?

On April 13, between 5:30 and 6:50 p.m., we will again organize a free online club for members of the Portfolio Signature subscription program. At the event, we will analyze the outlook for the forint with the help of leading capital market experts. Participation is free, but registration is required For a Signature subscription bound.

What is the Portfolio Signature online club event?
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After months of strength, we’ve almost forgotten what it feels like when the euro starts at four. Then, in mid-March, the American bank failures and fears about the European financial sector highlighted again that the HUF is still one of the most vulnerable currencies in Europe and the emerging market. There are still serious risks related to the Hungarian currency, so it seems that even the extremely high 18 percent interest rate can only temporarily keep speculators away from the HUF.

The exact schedule

The program of the online club event on April 13, 2023 is as follows:

  • 17:30 – 17:35 Welcome
  • 17:35-18:35 Panel discussion

Participants of the conversation:

Szilárd Buró, head of financial innovation, Equilor Befektetési Zrt.

Orsolya Nyeste, senior analyst, Erste Bank

Zoltán Török, senior analyst, Raiffeisen Bank


Károly Beke, analyst, Portfolio

  • 18:35 – 18:50 Answering participants’ questions

The planned topics

  • Why did the ground get hot again under the feet of the HUF?
  • Could the euro peak above 430 in 2022?
  • When can the pre-war exchange rate of 350 return?
  • What are the most important risks for the HUF?
  • What will happen to the Hungarian currency if the EU funds do not come?
  • How might the MNB’s monetary policy evolve?
  • When should we exchange euros for vacation?

Location and time

  • Date: April 13, 2023, 5:30 p.m
  • Location: Online, exact details will be sent by email in the days before the club

Conditions of participation

  • This event is free, but active only With a Portfolio Signature subscription can be visited. Participation is subject to registration, which can be done by clicking here.
  • If you were to join the Portfolio Signature subscription program to participate, you would on this link you can do it. In exchange for the subscription, you get access to our featured analyses, premium newsletters, and you can participate in our personal and online clubs, where we interpret the world around us with the help of leading economic analysts.
  • It is renewed monthly and can be canceled at any time Portfolio Signature subscription its fee is HUF 2,490, and the annual subscription costs HUF 29,845.

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