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The foreign minister of Russia’s main ally urges peace from Hungary

Minsk’s position is clear: The killing must stop, a ceasefire must be declared immediately and negotiations must begin – the sooner the better

Alejnyik said, according to Reuters.

According to Alejnik, the truce should be declared without either side having the right to redeploy troops or move weapons, ammunition, and equipment.

The Belarusian politician is not a frequent guest in the West these days, as Belarus actively supports Russia’s war in Ukraine. Although it did not enter the Russian-Ukrainian war with its forces, the troops sent by the Russian forces against Kiev partially set off from Belarusian territory following a joint military exercise on February 24 last year. Thousands of Russian soldiers have been stationed in Belarus ever since, and some of their training also takes place there. Moscow is also deploying nuclear weapons on the territory of the country.

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