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The first, very tall residential skyscraper in Brooklyn

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In these days the sale of the Brooklyn Tower apartments has been opened, the first residential skyscraper in New York to rise outside of Manhattan, the district of the city in which they are currently located. the first three tallest residential buildings in the world. The new skyscraper is almost 325 meters high and like those in Manhattan, it houses mostly luxury apartments that are expected to be in high demand. The Brooklyn Tower is located in a much desired area, where real estate prices are even higher than those of the pre-pandemic period but relatively competitive compared to other areas: its imminent inauguration however is a reminder of the many structural problems associated with buildings like this. high, starting from the others in New York.

There Brooklyn Tower is located at 9 DeKalb Avenue in downtown borough of Brooklyn, a couple of kilometers southeast of the famous bridge. It was designed by the architectural firm SHoP Architects and built by the JDS Development Group, the same company that in 2021 also completed 111 West 57th Street, one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in New York, which reaches 435 meters and it is second only to the Central Park Tower, which is 470 meters high and close to the world famous park.

Like all skyscrapers that exceed 300 meters in height, the Brooklyn Tower is also considered a “super tall” building. So far, the tallest residential skyscraper in Brooklyn was Brooklyn Point, completed in 2019, which is located on the same block as the new tower and reaches “only” 220 meters. To get an idea of ​​the size of the Brooklyn skyscraper, the Unicredit Tower of Milan – the tallest skyscraper in Italy – is 231 meters high, including the spire; the neighbor Solaria Tower, which is the tallest residential building in Italy, reaches 143 meters. The tallest building in the world is instead the Burj Khalifa, which is located in Dubai and reaches 829.8 meters.

The Brooklyn Tower took five years to build, with a few months delay due to the coronavirus pandemic. The skyscraper has 93 floors and is connected at the base to the 1908 building that was once occupied by the Dime Savings Bank and which will become a huge commercial space, with cinemas, arcades and spaces dedicated to children and remote work. On the roof of the bank building, topped by a white dome, there will be three outdoor swimming pools. The interior of the original building, decorated with hexagonal motifs, inspired the exterior facade of the skyscraper, made with a combination of stainless steel, glass and anodized aluminum.

On the 85th floor there will be a bar with a terrace which can only be accessed by the owners of the apartments, told al New York Times Michael Stern, the CEO of JDS.

A rendering of the new residential skyscraper, from site of the Brooklyn Tower

From the 52nd floor up, the Brooklyn Tower will have 150 apartments with designer furniture that will cost approximately between 875 thousand and 8 million dollars (790 thousand dolars – 7.25 million dolars) depending on the size, in addition to some penthouses of which no you still know the price. In the lower half, on the other hand, there will be 425 smaller apartments, a third of which can be rented to people with mid-range incomes, as part of the urban planning regulations that provide for the assignment of a certain number of low-rent homes in certain areas in exchange of tax discounts for builders.

Stern expects the first tenants to arrive by the end of the summer, while the first owners are expected by the end of the year.

Despite very high prices, in certain areas of Brooklyn, high demand and shortage of supply have pushed house prices higher than pre-pandemic levels. In 2021, in particular, sales of luxury apartments in new buildings in the area earned 1.5 billion dollars, with an increase of 154 percent compared to the previous year and a growth of 77 percent also compared to 2019. .

An apartment in the new tower costs more or less 25 thousand dollars per square meter, prices that are inaccessible for most of the population, but according to a research firm in the real estate market heard by the New York Times These sales will also do well: both because the pandemic has increased the demand for more spacious homes with more unique features, and because proportionately these apartments cost up to four times less than similar accommodations in Manhattan.

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Critics tend to believe that apartments in skyscrapers are investments that only the super rich can afford, but in general, in recent times, several objective problems of another type have also been reported. For a few years, for example, the wealthy residents of 432 Park Avenue, completed in 2015, have been reporting a long and in many ways surprising series of technical woes and structural problems, attributable at least in part to questionable assessments in the design and construction phase of the building. ‘building.

432 Park Avenue is a slim and spectacular 96-story, 425.5-meter-high skyscraper located in Manhattan and currently the third tallest in the world. Since it was completed, those who live there have reported frequent flooding, creaking of the walls and constant hissing coming from the stairwells of the building. Furthermore, at very high heights, the sway of the structure and the wind passing through the cavities can cause enough movement of the elevator cables to cause them to stop, as happened to a resident who was trapped for an hour and 25 minutes in the 2019. Continuous breakdowns are a real risk for the devaluation of the property and, as understandable, their repair over the years has also led to a significant increase in costs.

According to Stern, however, the Brooklyn Tower will not have all of the problems that have been seen in buildings like 432 Park Avenue: partly because the new tower has a much wider base, which will limit sway, and partly because in All the possible structural problems of the other “super tall” buildings were analyzed in the design phase. “I think we’ve already learned our lesson,” he concluded.

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