The first Realme laptop: this is the Realme Book, small, light and fast charging

The Realme Book has been officially presented, a thin and light laptop with which the Chinese manufacturer wants to gain a foothold in the market.

Realme has grown at a frantic pace in the It has only been in the West for a few years, and the proof is in the way it is expanding beyond smartphones. To the launch of the Realme GT , and the presentation today of the Realme GT Master Edition , we must add the presentation of the Realme Book.

Based on a super slim metal body , the Realme Book aims to stand out from other cheap Chinese notebooks with a higher level of quality. The thickness of only 14, 9mm and the weight of only 1, 38 kg will make it easy to take anywhere, but more striking is that this has been achieved with a relatively large screen.

The Realme Book has a panel of 14 inches, which thanks to finer edges (5.3 mm at its finest point ) allows you to reduce the size of your computer. Another very important detail is the 3: 2 aspect ratio; that is, this is a taller screen than usual, more “square”. The great advantage of this design is that it is better for reading and working with documents , so it will be ideal for browsing the web page, using apps and telecommuting. Follow in the footsteps of Microsoft and its Surface computers, and the industry seems to be finally making the leap.

The panel is IPS technology, which will guarantee perfect viewing angles, and the brightness is of 400 nits, to use it in any situation; the resolution is 2K.

Inside, Realme has opted for Intel, with a Core of 11 3rd generation, the i5 – 999 G7 with four cores and eight threads with a frequency of up to 4.2 GHz, a jump from the 10 2nd generation at the same level. It will be accompanied by 16 GB of RAM memory LPDDR4x and up to 512 GB of SSD storage.

For the connectivity, we have 4 USB ports, and one of them is Thunderbolt with the i5, plus a 3.5mm headphone port. Wirelessly, we have Wi-Fi 6. In terms of security, this computer is compatible with Windows Hello using the fingerprint reader integrated in the power button.

Like Realme smartphones, this laptop has fast charging of 65 W, which is enough to get the 50% of battery in only 30 minutes. Really promise that the battery will last us 11 hour of use. For the sound, Realme has relied on Harman to offer DTS HD stereo sound, with double noise-canceling microphone.

Another detail that will make this Realme Book special is the connectivity with our smartphone. The PC Connect application will allow us to synchronize our Android mobile with the Windows computer, allowing us not only to transfer files directly, but also to control the mobile screen directly on the computer. Therefore, we can run apps and services as if we were on our mobile, but on our laptop.

The Realme Book still does not have a specific date for Spain, but global prices are very competitive. The basic version, with an Intel Core i3, will cost 749 dollars, and the most complete, with a Core i5, it will cost 1135 dollars.


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