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The expert announced: gasoline prices may start to rise again soon

Eszter Bujdos summed up the events of the last few weeks, summarizing the events of the last few weeks.

However, demand is already increasing, and oil-producing countries will introduce restrictions from May 1. As a result of this, the price of oil will rise, and this may affect our domestic fuel prices as well – outlined the future of the executive of

The increase is expected from May, but the early summer period has always been characterized by an increase in demand and this may lead to an increase in prices.

The extent of this is difficult to say, as it will also be affected by the forint exchange rate.

GKI predicted a price increase of 50 forints, Eszter Bujdos is not so pessimistic, but in the second half of the year the price of oil may reach 100 dollars per barrel again and then the predicted price increase of 50 forints may be realized.

The fact that diesel is cheaper than gasoline is only a temporary state

– believes the expert, he would not settle for this, since the market is constantly changing, there are no rules set in stone for years.

The introduction of the official price was also discussed in the interview. For this reason, there is clearly a significant decrease in traffic at domestic wells, according to the KSH data, this exceeds 14 percent. What is more interesting is that the market is starting very slowly, and based on the feedback from gas stations, it can also be seen that agriculture still has significant reserves of the diesel that it was able to buy at the official price, a serious question is the quality of this, but due to inventories, demand is even lower than usual.

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