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The European Commission has adopted a draft law dealing with cyber security

Increasingly frequent and increasingly serious cyber security threats and attacks pose a great risk to the operation of network and information systems and the European single market. The threat has increased even more due to the actions of hacker groups operating in the framework of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine,” the commission pointed out.

According to the committee, the proposal would further strengthen solidarity and coordinated crisis management and response capabilities in the member states, as well as create the necessary EU capabilities for Europe to become more resilient and able to act more effectively against cyber threats. In order to quickly and effectively detect major cyber threats, the body, a pan-European infrastructure of national and cross-border security operation centers across the EU, the so-called proposes the creation of a European cyber security shield.

The task of the operation centers will be to detect cyber threats and ensure action against them using the most modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analysis techniques.

The plan also includes the creation of an EU cyber security reserve, which consists of incident response services that intervene at the request of an EU country or institution in the event of a large-scale cyber security incident or threat.

The European Parliament and the Council, which brings together the governments of the EU member states, must still accept the proposal in order for it to become law.

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