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The EU made an important announcement: the ban on grain imports from Ukraine will be lifted

Until now, the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain applied to Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. The restriction was introduced after several member states introduced local bans earlier this year to protect their own agriculture. The EU has now announced in a statement that

the ban will end on September 15 as planned, the regulations will not be extended.

For Hungary, however, this will not mean much change, as Minister of Agriculture István Nagy already announced on his Facebook page on Wednesday that regardless of the EU decision, our country will extend the grain ban in Ukraine. What’s more, they have already agreed with their Romanian, Bulgarian and Slovak colleagues that if there is no decision in Brussels to extend the moratorium, they will act individually within national competence.

The newspaper notes that the expiry of the ban could improve relations between Brussels and Kyiv, however, it will likely fuel tensions between war-torn Ukraine and its western neighbors.

Cover image source: Getty Images