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The EU is pushing an important deadline for the automotive industry

The EU executive body announced on Monday that the block exemption regulation for motor vehicles (MVBER) will apply until May 31, 2028. The 2010 regulation would have expired at the end of May this year.

The European Commission presented the draft proposal last July, which has now been adopted. At the time, the rationale was that maintaining the MVBER for another five years would make it easier for companies to self-assess the compliance of their vertical agreements in the automotive industry with EU competition rules.

It is likely that in five years, the currently emerging trends – for example, resulting from the digitization of vehicles and new mobility patterns – will be consolidated.

– they wrote.

EU antitrust rules normally prohibit agreements restricting competition between companies operating at different levels of the production or sales chain. However, the MVBER allows such agreements if they meet certain criteria – for example, they improve distribution, promote technical progress and share some of the resulting financial benefits with consumers.

The Commission has also updated its guidance for the regulation, which states that independent repair shops must have equal access to data generated by vehicle sensors. The existing rules covered the provision of technical information, tools and training, but did not specifically cover vehicle-generated data.

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