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The EP decision is here: Hungary must implement a nearly 20% emission reduction

The joint commitment decree is part of the climate protection package entitled “Direction to 55 percent”, which, in accordance with the European climate regulation, aims to ensure that the European Union emits at least 55 percent less greenhouse gases by 2030 than in 1990.

The new decree was adopted with 486 votes, 132 against and 10 abstentions at the EU level, instead of 30 percent, it now sets a GHG reduction target of 40 percent by 2030 compared to 2005 emissions. For this, for the first time, the member states would have to reduce their emissions not uniformly, but by between 10 and 50 percent. Individual 2030 targets are based on GDP per capita and cost-effectiveness considerations.

From now on, the member states will not be able to exceed the annual GHG emission limit allowed to them either

– they wrote.

In its statement, the EP highlighted: the revised provisions close the loopholes that would prevent the achievement of the general EU-level emission reduction target. Accordingly, certain transactions of emission trading units will be limited: it will be regulated how many emission units a given member country can transfer from one year to another or use for the burden of its future framework, as well as how much it can trade with other member countries.

The revised regulation must now be officially approved by the Council of the European Union. It will enter into force twenty days after its publication.

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