The end of childhood in Las Charlas de!

The end of childhood in Las Charlas de!

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The end of childhood in Las Charlas de!

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The end of childhood in Las Charlas de!

With the end of 2021, Apple closes s us first ten years without the genius of Steve Jobs : a few complicated years that Tim Cook’s team has solved making the company one of the most valuable in the world. Times change, and products change, and in this episode we have Pedro Aznar, Javier Lacort and Eduardo Archanco reviewing this last year.

2000, a complicated year from which Apple emerged victorious

2021 started relatively quietly. But within a few months, Apple announced that was halting manufacturing of the original HomePod, to focus on the HomePod mini . The company pointed to its technology as a bet for the future , which implies that the large model has due to run into some obstacle. Is it due to a sales or cost problem?

This year also have been fulfilled 20 years of Mac OS X . The operating system that returned Apple to the forefront of technology and allowed to build its ecosystem. 20 years that have flown by.

We also have room to talk about one of Javier Lacort’s exclusives. And it is that in June Apple launched the new hi-fi music format with integrated Dolby Atmos , all for the same monthly fee . A clear increase in Apple’s bet against other streaming companies, since this higher audio quality has (or had) to be paid for on Spotify and Tidal.

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