All applications already have their version in dark mode, but is it really good for anything? Does the dark mode of apps save battery? We tell you everything here!

It always happens to you. In the least indicated place, when it becomes necessary, at the moment when you just want to search for something on the web, upload a story on your social network or send a message, your phone runs out of battery and leaves you at the most important moment . Therefore, saving battery has become essential to prevent this from happening and extend more hours of power.

One of the modalities that most applications have incorporated to benefit energy saving, is to offer a version in dark mode. Although etc. is it really good for anything? Does dark mode save battery on your mobile? Find the answer you are looking for below.

What is dark mode?

dark mode of apps save battery

Until recently, the wallpapers of the main applications were white. Recently, many apps have incorporated the possibility of changing the traditional white background for a dark one. The goal of the new mode is to save battery and rest your eyes. Among the applications that incorporate the dark mode are Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, YouTube and Spotify (which only offers this mode).

Dark mode: does it really save battery life?

The dark mode has generated some doubts among users. Some of them question the effectiveness of this new mode: Does it really save battery?

Some technology experts have wanted to verify if the dark mode has a significant impact on the battery, and therefore they have carried out different tests. In these analyzes, they have compared the autonomy of the same device model, using the applications with and without dark mode. The result? It depends!

The type of screen panel of each device determines how effective dark mode is in saving battery life. That is, while on screens with AMOLED panels, the use of dark mode has a clear impact on autonomy, the same does not happen with screens with LCD panels.

Currently, newer devices and especially smartphones have displays with AMOLED panels, and using dark mode can save up to 60% battery life.

Other ways to save battery

Dark mode saves battery life, but there are other ways to increase the autonomy of your smartphone. Here are some:

  • Adjust the brightness: It is not necessary to have the brightness to the maximum level in environments with little lighting.
  • Close the applications that are open and that you are not using: many times after using an app, we leave it open. This application continues to consume!
  • Automatic screen lock in a few seconds: you can configure this option to prevent the screen from remaining on after use.
  • Remove vibration from messages and calls: This won’t save a lot of battery life, but why use vibration if you already have sound turned on?

In addition to these tips to save battery and the use of dark mode, in recent years, many brands have focused on developing mobiles with high battery life. And you, what do you do to save battery?