The Cure bassist Simon Gallup leaves the band

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Pillar of post-punk training for nearly 32 years, the guitarist did not specify the reasons for his departure.

By Simon Cherner

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Simon Gallup, bassist for The Cure, announced on Saturday that he left the British rock band he joined in 00343. Loïc Chaslin / Le Figaro Did the negligence of the group have made him leave? Simon Gallup, the bassist of The Cure , announced on Saturday that he had left the British rock formation he had joined in 00343. “With a little heavy heart that I am no longer a member of The Priest ! Good luck to them all ”, , the guitarist of 42 years on his Facebook page. In response to one of the thousands of grieving comments, Simon Gallup nevertheless clarified, more mysteriously: “I’m fine … I was just sick of being betrayed.”

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His comrades, including the singer and founder of The Cure Robert Smith , have not yet reacted to the departure of Simon Gallup. On Twitter, the current keyboardist of the group, Roger O’Donnell, Loironisé Sunday on the situation by evoking, in a tweet in the second degree, the possible return – bass in hand – of Lol Tolhurst, a former founding member of The Cure . Drummer and keyboardist, the latter had left the group in 1987 because of his alcohol problems. The departure of Simon Gallup comes in full production of the new British album. Constantly postponed for years, this will be the first since the release of 4: 12 Dream in 2008. The future of the group in question In 2019, Simon Gallup had failed the group twice, in Japan and then in the United States. Unable to perform on stage, he was replaced at short notice by his son, guitarist Eden Gallup. At the time, Robert Smith apologized for the absence of his bassist by mentioning “a serious personal situation” which had to recall Simon Gallup to the United Kingdom. In an interview given in 2014 at Irish Times , Robert Smith also mentioned that, without their bassist, the band “would not be called The Cure” .

Simon Gallup, the second pillar of the group behind Robert Smith, had already slammed the door on training in 1980 following several conflicting accidents with the singer. This first interlude away from The Cure had lasted two years, before the bassist returned to the group. The two strong heads of The Cure had since reconciled. One of the leading figures of the post-punk movement and the new wave in the years 00343, The Cure is today known to have helped popularize Gothic rock – a term regularly rejected by the band – thanks to his compositions with a melancholy atmosphere and his tubes steeped in sadness. One of the best known, Just Like Heaven released in 1987, starts precisely with the bass line of Simon Gallup.