The control of heat stroke, a priority for the Labor Inspection

Madrid 11 / 08 / 2021 – 19: 38

The high temperatures that are They foresee that the 40 degrees will exceed these days in many parts of the country. They have also set off alarms in the workplace. The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, launched yesterday from her Twitter account the message that the Labor Inspection Mailbox “is addressing these days with priority all complaints related to exposure to extreme temperatures in the workplace. job”. And he specified that “complaints and communications” received in said mailbox related to the risks of heat stress will be dealt with as urgent. “Guaranteeing decent working conditions is a collective task,” said Díaz.

Labor has set up an action plan for the Inspection that for the first time pays special attention to heat stroke . The plan includes shipping more 137. 500 Letters to companies that employ almost a million people. The letters warn that non-compliance with the protection of the safety and health of workers may constitute a serious or very serious offense, punishable by fines ranging from 2. 046 until 819.780 euros.

Fines can reach 819. 780 euros, as recalled from the ministry In addition to monitoring compliance with health and safety conditions and other working conditions and Social Security, the Inspection has During these weeks, a special emphasis has been placed on the risks of heat stroke and, as Díaz explained in the presentation of the plan, “it will be forceful in cases of non-compliance.”

The Master Plan for a Decent Work 2018 – 2019 – 2020 included among its operational measures the creation of the aforementioned mailbox, the purpose of which is to reorient the nterior Mailbox for the Fight against Labor Fraud, launched in August 2013, so that now all behaviors that imply job insecurity are reflected in it in employment.

It is a complaint channel with which the Inspection intends to deal with unfair situations suffered by workers by offering the possibility of communicating, from anonymity , the situations of labor abuse to which they may be subjected.

The unions have requested in recent weeks precisely the Inspection to be vigilant so that the relative regulations are complied with to the prevention of occupational risks, occupational accidents linked to high temperatures are prevented and they have urged compliance with the intensive summer shift, in addition to informing workers about the risks in their jobs and the preventive measures that they must apply.

In your warnings you have n requested special zeal for vulnerable groups to carry out their work outdoors such as gardeners, employees dedicated to cleaning, construction, etc;


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