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The construction of the Southern Ring Road is in danger – The court annulled the environmental protection permit

According to Dávid Vitézy, this probably means that the investment may slip significantly and there is also a serious chance that it will end up losing hundreds of billions of HUF in EU funds. It’s about the judgment For index he stated that it is more based on formal legal objections, so the project as a whole is not yet lost and he trusts that the Ministry of Construction and Transport will correct the legal concerns that have arisen as soon as possible and submit the new permit application as soon as possible.

In November last year, we already wrote about how the Újbuda Municipality challenged the Southern Ring Railway investment in court, after the impact study that forms the basis of its environmental permit does not meet the requirements of the previous court decision and contains serious deficiencies.

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Many people have already protested against the cutting of trees on the Hamzsabégi út section, and there have also been lawsuits. The mayor said that cutting down nearly a thousand trees would have been just the beginning of the preparatory work for the construction of the Southern Ring Road. Civilians would be satisfied if no track pairs were extended on the route of the Southern Circular Railway along Hamzsabégi út.

We previously wrote about the project several times, and the National Transportation Center also published a video about the plans for the development of the Southern Ring Railway and the affected section within it.

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