The claim that Kim Jong-Un is dead


LAST MINUTE: Flash development occurred after Kim Jong-Un‘s claim to be dead! Is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dead and how is his final health?

Last minute news about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, whose state of health is curious in recent weeks, continues to come. The allegations of “Kim Jong Un is dead”, which were brought up last night, fell like a bomb. It has also been suggested that Kim, who is known to have surgery, died due to corona virus. Following this claim, the world press made several news reports on the health status of Kim Jong-un today. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Pompeo made a flash statement. A claim about Kim Jong-un’s recent health came from China. So, is North Korean leader Kim Jong-un dead, how is his health and what is his disease? ? Who is Kim Jong Un, how old is he? Here are the details of the breaking news and the health status of the North Korean leader …

Breaking news about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, whose rumors are spreading, are coming one after another. Kim Jong Un, who has not been around for a long time, is curious about his health and various claims are made. At this point, the claim that “Kim Jong Un is dead”, which was allegedly originating from China, was circulating on social media last night, was almost like a bomb. Upon this development, ‘Has Kim Jong-Un died and how is his health?’ The answer to the question has been extensively investigated since yesterday. On the other hand, the biography, life and disease of the North Korean leader stand out as another curious.

Following the allegation made yesterday, various reports were made in the world press about the health status of the North Korean leader today. While the developments about Kim Jong-un’s health status were mainly covered by the US, British and South Korean press, possible possibilities were also mentioned.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also responded to the allegations made about North Korea leader Kim Jong-un’s state of health. Pompeo also asked, ‘Is Kim Jong-un dead?’ also clarified the question.

Who is Kim Jong Un, and at what age did his claims be true? How is Kim Jong Un’s state of health?
Following the allegations that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has died, citizens started their searches through the search engine. The news has yet to be confirmed, although North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was announced dead on a Chinese channel. According to media reports about the event, which was on the agenda in a short time on social media, it was announced that the North Korean leader had heart surgery. According to the news released today, Kim Jong Un was declared to be in herbal life as a result of the wrong surgery. So who is Kim Jong Un?

Health status of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un remains a subject of research by citizens. The news of Kim Jong Un, who is known for his ballistic missile experiments, continues to be talked about on social media. According to the latest news, it was announced that Kim Jong Un was in herbal life as a result of a wrong operation. So who is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, how is his final health?


Deputy director of HKSTV Hong Kong Television, broadcasting in China, claimed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has died. But this news has not yet been confirmed.

Kim Jong-un is a North Korean politician who was born in January 8, 1983 or 1984, the Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011 and the President of the Korean Workers Party since 2012. Kim is the second child of Ko Yong-hui (1952-2004) and Kim Jong-il (1941-2011), the country’s second leader from 1994 to 2011. He is the grandson of Kim Il-sung, the founder and first leader of North Korea from 1948 to 1994. Kim is the first North Korean leader to be born after the country’s foundation, and is also the second youngest government president in the world.

TRUMP: I think the news is not true

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, who has lost the world with his missiles and carried out new tests even during the corona virus outbreak, is on the agenda again recently.

However, Kim, who runs the loneliest country in the world, adorns the headlines this time, not with her missiles, but with a heart surgery.

The Reuters news agency reports that the North Korean media remains silent about Kim Jong-un’s state of health.


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