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Chlorine-damaged hair is a common condition in swimming pools. Let’s find out why it happens and how to fix it naturally.

THE hair damaged by chlorine are a common condition in those who regularly go to a swimming pool. Let’s find out together, in the following paragraphs, how to protect our hair from the damage that chlorine can cause.

Hair damaged by chlorine

If you go to the pool regularly or have been there for a long time, you will almost certainly have chlorine-damaged hair. This principle, which is widely used in swimming pools to kill bacteria and keep swimmers safe from infection and disease, can actually cause some skin, scalp and hair problems.

In the specific case of hair, it is good to know that it produces hair natural oils which are essential for their volume, regrowth and shine. However, chlorine tends to absorb all these natural oils, which are beneficial for the hair and scalp, which end up being exposed to the risk of falling.

Hair damaged by chlorine: causes

There hair loss it is a common condition that occurs regardless of age and gender because the factors that determine it are many and varied. Even those who regularly go to a swimming pool can find themselves struggling with hair loss. How?

Those who regularly go to a swimming pool will realize that, at some point, it is as if their hair turns green. This color, to tell the truth, does not depend specifically on the chlorine in the pool, but from the copper that chlorine oxidizes. Chlorine and copper oxidized by chlorine are absorbed by the hair which, at this point, may appear vaguely greenish. Limiting the damage that chlorine and copper cause to the hair is therefore essential and not only for the color, but also because in the long run, hair that is not well cared for or neglected can become dull and brittle, start to break and to fall.

Hair damaged by chlorine: remedy

THE hair damaged by chlorine they can be treated with many solutions. However, most of these solutions have a chemical origin which, in the long run over time, can aggravate and make permanent the damage already in progress, as well as add more. The alternative to chemical solutions are natural solutions, such as Foltina Pluswhich act on the hair and scalp both in a preventive and in a curative form, thanks to the synergistic action of the active ingredients that compose it, 100% natural to solve a problem without creating others.

Produced in the form of spray in natural lotion, Foltina Plus is a natural supplement, to be applied on the hair and scalp, to reactivate the damaged hair bulb and restore the volume and shine that had been lost to the hair. Thanks to this it is considered the best professional lotion of the moment. For those wishing to know more, can click here or on the following image

The following are i active principles by Foltina Plus:

L’Arginine, an essential amino acid for the growth, regrowth and health of both hair and scalp as a whole; the Fenugreek, essential for its ability to stimulate microcirculation, favoring the reactivation of hair bulbs for a healthier and stronger scalp; there Serenoa Repensthe first herbal active ingredient, selected for its ability to regulate hormonal activity, promote the regrowth of healthy and strong hair, stop hair loss.

Beware of imitations and non-original products. Foltina Plus is an exclusive product, which can only be purchased online, from the official website of the manufacturer of the product, reachable from the link that we report. To reserve the product, simply fill in the purchase form correctly, without leaving out any details, and wait for a call from an operator. These, after confirming the details of your purchase, will process the order, which will arrive directly at your home, with express delivery, within a couple of working days. Currently Foltina Plus is in promotion at $ 49.00 for two packs. As for the payment, however, you can opt for the mark and pay directly to the courier, in cash, upon delivery of the order.

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