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the carabinieri save her and bring her a mimosa

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The carabinieri of Seregno rescued a young 27-year-old woman who had been forced to marry her husband by taking her to a protected facility. For years the man beat her, even causing her to have an abortion. Today the Arma soldiers brought a mimosa to the 27-year-old.

Today, Tuesday 8 March, the carabinieri of the provincial command of Monza and Brianza brought a mimosa to the guests of a protected structure in the province that welcomes women who have escaped or saved from situations of domestic violence. A gesture of closeness to those who have lived in terror for years, hostages of violent men. As a girl, now 27, whom the military forces saved from her abusive husband. The young woman, originally from Eastern Europe, had been forced to marry a compatriot at a very young age, just over 18. For eight long years she suffered physical and psychological violence from her husband, with whom she had arrived in Italy in 2017. Her partner raped her several times, and following one of these violence she the young woman became pregnant with her. But the mistreatment did not stop and, due to her beating, the girl had an abortion.

In one year 400 violent men reported or arrested in Brianza

The girl had also tried to escape, returning to her homeland, but her family of origin had then forced her to return to her husband. The beatings and mistreatment also continued in front of the couple’s youngest daughter, a four-year-old girl. Fortunately, the girl confided in a work colleague, to whom she told the nightmare she had been living for years. The carabinieri of the company of Seregno, alerted by their colleague, activated and went to the house of the young wife while she was alone with her daughter: the girl did not think for a moment and packed her bags, following the soldiers of the Weapon in a protected structure of the Arthemide anti-violence network, where today the carabinieri have honored her with a bouquet of mimosas. In one year, in Brianza alone, 404 red codes were activated, 381 men reported on the loose for violence and 19 arrested in the act of crime. Finally, eighty-four precautionary measures were carried out.