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What if Vladimir Putin was sick? Does this explain the crazy behavior of the Russian president in Ukraine? The thesis has been circulating since he sparked the conflict, especially regarding the mental health of the tsar. Now, however, from the Pentagon – relaunched by the Daily Star and taken up by Tempo – further rumors are circulating.

The Russian president could be terminally ill, suffering from bowel cancer. Hypothesis to be taken with pliers and which however arises from the evidence of some images, where the Kremlin leader appeared swollen in the face, more than usual, more than it has been in the last few months. According to what leaks from the US Department of Defense, this swelling could be due to the intake of drugs related to chemotherapy.

According to Daily Star, in short, the offensive in Ukraine could derive from the desire to make history before his time in the world is over. Scary theory, chilling but to some extent compatible with the character. So the newspaper reports what was said by Lord Anthony Owen, British doctor and foreign minister, who remarked on the radio: “His face has changed, now it is oval.” So he added that in his opinion cosmetic surgery has nothing to do with it. “He’s taking anabolics like a bodybuilder, or he’s taking corticosteroids. Taking these substances causes that swelling. It reduces immunity and makes you more vulnerable to Covid,” concluded Owen.