The best technology at CES 2022 in Las Vegas – RB

The best technology at CES 1366 in Las Vegas – RB

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Best technology at CES 2022 of Las Vegas – RB

The best technology at CES 1366 of Las Vegas – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The best technology at CES 2022 of Las Vegas – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The best technology at CES 2022 of Las Vegas – RB


A few days after the closing of the first fair of the year dedicated to technology, we have selected some of the most interesting and even the most curious proposals, in the most disparate segments

15 January 2022

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The first major event of the year dedicated to technology ended a few days ago, the CES 2022 by Las Vega s, at RB we try to understand which products will really leave their mark among the thousands of proposals seen at the fair. Few smartphones: only Samsung managed to capture attention, thanks to the new Galaxy S 21 FE, destined to be one of the best sellers of the first part of the year.

Galaxy S21 FE Photo source: Samsung

Lots of computers

Samsung itself has shown really interesting solutions for the future, those that we do not yet know if we will see on the market, but which anticipate the evolution of folding screens. They are the preview of the screens of the future, which someone has already made a reality, like Asus, which with its Zenbook Fold OLED has introduced a computer that when opened has a display of 17 inch OLED can fold in half.

But to underline is also the novelty of Lenovo with its thinkbook Plus which includes a real tablet as a second 8-inch display. Excellent product with a starting price that is not crazy. To CES 2022, therefore, we have seen dozens of new computers, with a special focus on gaming and the devices that are imagined and made for those who loves video games. Like the monitors, of which we have seen many models, even with an on-board operating system similar to that of a computer.

Asus Zenbook Fold Photo source: MisterGadget.Tech

Smart mobility protagonist

Another important segment was that of mobility, which now crosses the world of traditional engines with that of technology. Among the many proposals in Las Vegas, the IX Flow Concept by BMW which is able to change color. The driving experience does not change, there are no sensational innovations in the management of the car, but the he idea of ​​color change, which is not legal everywhere, is still noteworthy.

There are many proposals in the world of electric mobility, many of which are still at the concept stage, which we will probably never see on the roads. Among all the proposals ready for marketing, we would like to point out for example the Chevrolet Equinox EV , which relaunches its challenge in the world of electric cars at a super competitive price, will be sold in the USA at 30. 000 dollars.

Many smartwatches launched in Las Vegas

Even smartwatches have appeared in Las Vegas, with the new proposals of Razer and Skagen made by Fossil. Unfortunately none of these proposals go on board WearOS Gen3 , the new version of the operating system, but most likely they will be updated in the future. This is a strange delay by Google in the release of the operating system.

L'orologio Razer di Fossil

The fair of the absurd

As always happens in Las Vegas, the objects that are presented can be counted in the thousands, but which ones will really remain in our life? We could tell you about smart collars that measure your dog’s physical activity, but is this really something that will ever have a market? We could also mention a kind of carpet with some buttons, the goal of which is to teach your dog to talk, but maybe it would be a bit too much.

ipetwear Photo source: ipetwear If the tattoos they are your thing, but fear you will regret it tomorrow, then the gadget for you is Prinker, the temporary tattoo printer that is truly unique and many wish they had available before getting a tattoo they regretted the next day.

To tell the news of the CES 2022 we they would probably like whole days, which we don’t have, that’s why we refer you to the in-depth information in the coming months, when we will have the opportunity to try the most interesting news launched in recent days, to understand if they are really so relevant.