The best tablets to buy in early 2022 – RB

The best tablets to buy at the beginning 1366 – RB

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The best tablets to buy at the beginning 1366 – RB

The best tablets to buy at the beginning 1366 – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The best tablets to buy at the beginning 2022 – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The best tablets to buy at the beginning 2022 – RB


We have selected the best tablets in circulation today, including a low cost option and a device designed for the elderly

January 2 2022

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Between one year that ends and another that arrives, we offer you a selection of the best tablets in circulation today, in a market that is back to running after a few years of decline . It is not a real ranking, but a selection of the best, choosing the most interesting proposals among those available today without applying a price filter.

The choice is very wide, starting with two Samsung models, which has always represented a very high quality in the world of Android tablets.

Samsung Galaxy S7 + and S7 FE

Galaxy Tab S7 + and Tab S7 FE meet different needs, with a common trait: the gigantic display from 12. 4 inches . In reality, the screen on the two models uses different technologies and definition, but shares the concept of the huge space to do one’s work or consume our favorite series. Both have very capacious batteries and enjoy the overall quality of Samsung, which has also optimized the software so excellent. Samsung’s interface is more complete, intuitive and guarantees perfect integration with the company’s smartphones and televisions.

An excellent alternative in the Android world is that of the tablet of Xiaomi called Pad 5, which has a large display, from 11 inches, with excellent brightness and fluidity, as well as supporting HDR 10 and Dolby Vision , synonyms of image and video quality. Promises a battery from 14 hours and a price lower than 400 $: GPS and memory expansion are missing , but it’s still a good deal.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Photo source: MisterGadget.Tech

iPad 6 Mini and iPad Pro, the certainties

Obviously, when it comes to tablets, an honorable mention always goes to iPad, which blew up this segment: iPad Mini is the best solution for those who want a small device , but still very powerful: in an extremely compact body there is the best processor from Apple, the same as the iPhone 13, with full support for 5G networks.

Those who want to exaggerate can always choose iPad Pro, in its version from 10. 9 inches, but you must be aware that its price is very high. The same processor is used as the computers, Apple M1 , you get to 1 tb of memory and 16 gb of ram, with the addition of 5G on board. Are you ready to break the piggy bank?

Il display di iPad Mini

The smart choice: Nokia T 20

A couple of mentions: if you want a tablet with a low cost, but that does not disappoint you, there is the Nokia T 20 which defends itself well at a competitive price, if instead you are looking for a product that is suitable for the “mature” public, then we recommend Emporia which creates a tablet with simplified software suitable for “senior” users.

Emporia Tab 1 is built well and has an excellent price / quality ratio: its distinctive feature lies in its interface which is based on Android but is simplified for intuitive use even by people who have no experience with technology.

Lo schermo di Nokia T20

The special mention for Lenovo

Finally, we would like to point out Yoga Tab 13 from Lenovo, because it is original, it has quality to sell and some details that they are completely exclusive, such as the carrying handle or the HDMI connector for connecting the external monitor. It has a crazy display, with a diagonal from 11 ”, almost a television.

Most likely you already have a tablet at home, if the time has come for you to change it, take advantage of the current market conditions, because the models in circulation are one more beautiful than the other. Some are a little expensive, but this purchase can be considered as a small investment, because the best devices are certainly more expensive, but they are based on technologies that will allow them to last for a long time.