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The best iPhone 14 Black Friday deal saves you $500 with no trade-in

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If you’re looking for a new iPhone 14 this Black Friday, you won’t find too many direct offers. You can save big on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile whether you’re trading in an old phone, spreading your payments, or opening up a new unlimited 5G line, but if you’re simply looking to save money on a new purchase with no hoops, deals are few and far between.

But this one caught our attention. On Xfinity Mobile, you can save $500 on a new iPhone 14 when you change operator and port your existing number. However, you’ll need to pay off the remaining balance in 24 months to get the savings. This means you will pay $13.75 a month for an iPhone 14 And $17.91 for an iPhone 14 Plus with 128GB of storage. You can also get the same savings on a iPhone 14 Pro ($20.83/month) or iPhone 14 Pro Max ($25/month), but most models won’t ship until January. (According to the Xfinity website the iPhone 14 Pro in gold is actually available and the iPhone 14 Pro deep purple ships in early December.)

If you’re not familiar with Xfinity Mobile, use Verizon’s Nationwide and Ultra Wideband 5G and 4G LTE networks with unlimited plans starting at $30 for two lines and $45 for a single line. Xfinity says speeds will be slow after hitting 20GB of data usage per line per month, and users may experience slower data during periods of high network traffic, such as a crowded stadium. There is also a one-time $10 line activation fee for all new lines.