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The best iPad mini 7 upgrade might be an A17 processor

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If you have been anxiously waiting for a new iPad mini and Hoping it folds, we have some bad news. According to respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPad mini 7 won’t be much different from the iPad mini 6.

In short Discussion on Twitter On Tuesday, Kuo dumped some cold water on any lingering hopes that Apple might work on a foldable iPad mini primarily because of cost: “A foldable iPad will cost significantly more than an iPad mini, so such a replacement won’t It is reasonable”. That makes sense, as foldable phones with smaller screens currently cost well over $1,000, and the iPad mini starts at $499, though we’re not sure what specific rumors that refers to. The latest reports of folding displays of Apple was referring to screens of 20 inches or more.

It doesn’t offer much in the way of details on what the iPad mini will have other than to say that its new processor will be “the main selling point.” Depending on the timeline for release, this could be the A16 or A17 chip. The iPad mini is unlikely to get an M1 or M2 chip due to thermal constraints.

Kuo says a new iPad mini isn’t expected until late 2023 or early 2024, which would mean a full two years between releases.

Aside from the new chip, it’s unclear what new features the iPad mini might bring. When the iPad Pro M2 launched in October, the only feature to talk about other than a new processor was Apple Pencil Hover and Wi-Fi 6E, two features that could be coming to the iPad mini. Apple may also expand Stage Manager to the iPad mini, which currently requires an A12, M1 or M2 processor-based iPad Pro or M1 iPad Air.