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The best Black Friday Amazon Echo deals: November 25th

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Amazon has slashed prices on nearly all of its Echo smart speakers and Echo Show smart displays for its Black Friday Echo deals, and we’ve got all the details.

Once you get used to controlling your lights with voice commands, you’ll quickly find that you want to control everything other in your home with a smart speaker. And this will inevitably lead to the desire to install smart speakers and smart displays in every room. And Amazon’s Alexa is the best-supported digital assistant on the market, despite increasingly strong efforts from Apple (Siri) and Google (Google Assistant).

Whether you’re buying your first Amazon Echo device or bringing Alexa to another room in your house (hey, there’s always the bathroom, the garage, the enclosed patio…), Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up a great deal. And don’t overlook Amazon’s bundle deals that combine its Echo speakers with another product. Some of these are even better deals than buying an Echo device on its own. Here’s an example: You can buy a Echo Dot with clock (5th generation) for $40, or you can buy the same device for the same price and get a Pack of 2 white Philips Hue smart bulbs A19 bundled for free!

If Alexa isn’t your game, be sure to check it out TechHive’s complete coverage of Black Friday for smarter home and home entertainment offerings.

The best Black Friday deals on Amazon Echo smart speakers

Echo Dot (3 generation)1.6-inch full-range driver: $15 ($25 off)
Echo Dot (5th Generation)1.7-inch full-range driver: $25 ($25 off)
Echo Dot for kids (5th generation)with 1 year of Amazon Kids+: $30 ($30 off)
Echo Dot with clock (5th generation)1.7-inch full-range clock and driver: $40 ($20 off)
Echo (4th Generation)3-inch woofer and two 0.8-inch tweeters: $50 ($50 off)

The best Black Friday deals on Amazon Echo Show smart displays

Echo Show 5 (2 generation)5.5-inch touchscreen: $35 ($50 off)
Echo Show 5 Kids (2nd Generation)5.5-inch touchscreen, with 1 year of Amazon Kids+: $40 ($55 off)
Echo Show 8 (2 generation)8-inch touchscreen: $70 ($60 off)
Echo Show 10 (3 generation)10-inch motorized touchscreen: $170 ($80 off)
Echo Show 1515.6-inch touchscreen, wall mountable: $170 ($80 off)

The best Black Friday bundle deals on Amazon Echo smart speakers

Echo Dot (3rd generation) with 1 month of Amazon Music Unlimited: $10 (net cost of Echo Dot: 99 cents)
Echo Dot (3rd Generation) with Amazon Smart Plug: $40 ($25 off)
Echo Dot with clock (5th generation) with 2-pack of white Philips Hue A19 smart bulbs: $40 ($51 off)
Echo Dot (5th generation) with a white Philips Hue smart bulb A19: $25 ($41 off)
Echo Dot 5 Kids (5th Gen) with an Echo Glow smart lamp: $41 ($49 off)
Echo (4th generation) with Philips Hue Color bulb: $50 ($105 off)
Echo Studio with two fourth generation Echoes for surround sound: $300 ($100 off)
Echo Sub with two fourth generation Echo for 2.1 audio: $230 ($100 off)
Echo Show 5 (2nd Generation) with two Blink Outdoor Cams for Home Security: $110 ($25 off)
Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) with Ring outdoor smart plug: $200 ($80 off)

The best Black Friday deals on Alexa-enabled third-party smart speakers

Cleer Audio Stage Smart portable smart speaker: $80 ($20 off)
Ultimate Ears MegaBlast portable smart speaker: $220 ($30 off)
Denon Home 350 wireless smart speaker: $499 ($200 off)
Yamaha YAS-209BL sound bar: $280 ($70 off)

Black Friday Amazon Echo deals: frequently asked questions


Are the Black Friday Echo and Alexa deals really worth it?

Yes, while Amazon often puts its Echo smart speakers and smart displays on sale, such as on Prime Day, we found good legitimate deals on almost every model this week.


Are Echo and Alexa Black Friday deals limited to lower quality models?

No. While we like some models better than others, all of Amazon’s Echo devices are very high quality. The latest generations of speakers produce better sound than the previous ones, but if you mainly use a smart speaker to control the lights or ask for information, rather than playing music, the sound quality isn’t all that important. Amazon’s Echo Show smart displays differ primarily in screen size, so the larger the display, the higher the price, with one exception: the Echo Show 10 (10-inch display) retail price is the same as Echo Show 15 (15 inch display). The difference between these two models is that the Echo Show 10 features a motor that spins its display so it’s always facing you. The Echo Show 15, meanwhile, is designed to mount on a wall unless you purchase an accessory.


What is the difference between a smart speaker and a smart display?

Amazon’s first Echo product was a speaker with a microphone array that you could use to call Alexa, a cloud-based digital assistant. As time went on, Amazon built better and higher quality speakers, but soon expanded into smart displays as well. The latter offer all the same features of a speaker, but integrate a touchscreen display of various sizes. You can use these displays to watch videos, follow recipes and perform many other tasks. You can also use them to watch a live feed from compatible security cameras and video doorbells.

The Echo Dot with Clock is an in-between device: It has an LCD clock face to show the time, the most common task Echo users ask Alexa to perform, but that’s the extent of its display capabilities.


Which generation of each Echo model is the latest?

To our knowledge, none of the previous generations of Echo speakers are entirely obsolete—they just don’t have all the features, or audio performance, of the latest models. Hence, buying an older generation device is a great way to save a lot of money. That said, the Echo point, Echo Dot with clockAnd Echo Dot Kids Edition (5th Generation) they’re the latest versions of Amazon’s smallest Echo speakers; the Echo (4th Generation) it is the latest version of its older brother; the Echo show And Echo Show Kids Edition (2nd Generation) they are the latest versions of Amazon’s 5-inch smart display; and the Echo Show 10 (Third Generation) it’s the latest and so far only model to have a motorized touchscreen. These Echo models are all first generation products and have not been replaced: The Echo Show 15, Echo StudioAnd Echo Sub.


Can you point me to an article comparing the Echo family to other smart speaker brands?

Of course! TechHive reviews all brands of smart speakers. Here are our current ones the best choices in smart speakers.


Why is it called ‘Black Friday?’

The conventional wisdom is that retailers operate “in the red” (i.e., they’re not profitable) until the day after Thanksgiving, when huge sales allow them to finally turn a profit (i.e., they’re “in the black”). This year Black Friday falls on November 25th.


All of these offers are on Amazon. Do you have to be an Amazon Prime member to get Amazon’s best Black Friday deals?

Unlike Amazon’s increasingly frequent Prime Day sales, you don’t need to join Amazon Prime to get any of these deals. But a Prime membership has other benefits, including free shipping. You also get subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Prime Gaming.

Amazon Prime costs $14.99 a month or $139 a year and you can subscribe to 30-day free Prime trial.