This year, men’s hairstyles usually come out with natural and shabby looks. A masculine air prevails in men’s hairstyles, which are usually used in medium length. If you also want to make a cool change in your hair, we recommend that you check out the men’s hair cut models that we have chosen for you.

Choose one of the following male haircut models that suits you and make your way to the nearest hairdresser. New men’s hairstyles will make your hair look cooler. We’re sure he’ll thank us a lot after seeing these hairstyles. Men who try these hairstyles will not regret it.

Most Popular Men’s Long & Short HairstylesBest 2021 Men's Hairstyles

Those who are curious about the most stylish men’s hairstyles are here! We tell you every detail you wonder, from men ‘s long hairstyles to curly hairstyles to men’s style. 

You can learn the most researched 2020 men’s hairstyles from the editors of Those who are looking for a new haircut and want to change their hairstyle will love this article. We are very curious about which of the charismatic hairstyles you will try first. Without forgetting,  hairstyles according to face shape are very popular among men! You’d better examine your face shape before giving up on the hairstyle. 

curly men hair style

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 1

If you have curly hair this year will be your year! Curly hair men’s models are also very popular this year. It is especially suitable for men with oval face shape.

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 2

You can reveal the beauty of your hair by lengthening it instead of cutting it. These men’s curly hairstyles  usually do not require much effort. If your hair is curly, you can get help from hair styling foams to control your curls. If it is not curly, you should first apply mousse to style it voluminously, then press your hair with your fingers to shape it, and finally apply a fixing spray. You will impress everyone with your natural and shabby style by fixing your curls!

medium hairstyle

Top 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 5

If you have bushy and medium-length hair, you will attract a lot of attention this year. The most preferred hairstyles for men are short on the sides and long in the middle and front, this hairstyle is also very easy to use. However, since it makes the face appear longer, those with smaller facial features should prefer those with long faces.

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 6

When you do research as a male hairstyle  , you will definitely see this model. After getting out of the shower, dry your hair with a towel and part your hair from the side. Finally, you can prevent your hair from frizzing by using hair spray. Messy hairstyles continue to rise in men’s fashion. You can also use it by slightly dispersing and fixing your hair. 

Straight and long hairstyle

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 7

If you want to use long men’s hairstyles in a  straight style, you can get a straight look by drying your hair by combing it with a hair brush after applying a non-rinsing men’s hair care cream or styling cream. This hairstyle suits those with oval face lines the most.

Top 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 8

Straight hairstyles are very useful for men! Even if your hair is too thick or curly, you can use a hair straightener for help (borrowing your girlfriend, wife or sister’s straightener is fine! 🙂

Men’s perm hairstyle

Top 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 9

If you like curly men’s hairstyles, you can get a perm. Permed men’s hairstyles will help you create curls with the density you want in your hair.  After looking at perm hair men photos, you won’t be able to stop trying. 

Men’s rasta hairstyle

Top 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 10

Random hairstyles are back! If you want a rasta hairstyle for men, you can give your hair a rasta model by using hair stylers at home. 

messy wavy hairstyle

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 11

If you want your wavy hair to look cool and rebellious, wavy hairstyles men  are for you! This hairstyle, which is generally used with a fly shaving, is especially ideal for those who want to look young and dynamic!
Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 12

It is very simple to shape men’s wavy hairstyles . Apply styling gel to your hair and style it with the backs backwards. Then, wrap the front parts of your hair with your fingers, and make it into a curl shape. Finally, mess up all your hair with your hands.

long front hairstyle

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 13

If you don’t want to grow all your hair long, you can only grow your hair in the front. So you will get a very cool hairstyle. Especially if you prefer long or stubble beards and have a wide forehead, your forehead will appear smaller as the long front sections will cover your forehead. The number 5 hairstyle is very suitable for this hairstyle.
Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 14

We usually recommend this hairstyle for those with straight hair because it can be a little difficult to shape the front parts of the hair and these parts should be easily styled. While styling, separate the front of your hair in the direction you want and fix it. If you like messy hairstyle, you can ruffle your hair with your fingers and fix it like this.

Gradual short men’s hairstyle

Top 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 15

We recommend gradually shortening hairstyles for men working in the office. While short hairstyles are on the rise among men, you should definitely try the gradual short hairstyle. 

Striped men’s hairstyle

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 16

You can look very cool by shaving both sides of your hair, leaving only the middle long. Of course, for this, your hair needs to grow long enough. You can get this look after your hair reaches a certain length. This hairstyle will be suitable for number 3 hairstyles and longer haircuts. 

Asymmetrical haircut
Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 17

In this year’s hair trends, hairstyles in which one side is short and the other side is long are very popular with men. If you have straight or wavy hair and angular facial features, you can have your hair cut in this model. Thanks to its asymmetrical details, angular facial features gain softer lines.

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 18

While styling your hair, separate it from the side you want and fix the long parts of your hair with the help of a styling cream. You can even use your long hair that you have shaped by fixing it with hair spray.

Sharp Striped Hairstyle

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 19

You will look very cool too, especially if you have an oval face shape and a full or stubble beard. Also, once you try this model, you won’t be able to give up easily, let us tell you! Among men’s hairstyles, striped hairstyles are very popular! If you want to dye your hair and then give it a new cut, you should first read our men’s hair coloring article. 

mixed hair style

Top 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 20

If you have a haircut where only the front parts are long and your hair is wavy, this hairstyle is for you! After applying a small amount of styling cream to the front of your hair, distribute it with your fingers.
Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 21

Then wrap your hair in the front with a round blow-dry brush and blow-dry outward. Finally, disperse the resulting wave. That’s it! 

back hair style

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 22

If you are in business and looking for a charismatic hairstyle, one of the best hairstyles for you is the undercut hairstyle that is shaped backwards. Complete your short men’s hairstyle with either a fly-slide hairstyle or a light stubble hairstyle. It will fit in with both.

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 23

While styling, first apply gel to your hair, then comb it back with a wide-toothed comb. If your hair is electrified, you can also apply Matrix Shape Switcher Styling Paste.

men’s bun hairstyle

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 24

One of the most important men’s hair trends of the year, “man bun” bun styles are very popular among men with long hair! However, if you have a wide forehead, it will not be very suitable for you because it will make your forehead more prominent.

Top 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 25

If you say “I should definitely try this trend”, you should not forget that your hair should at least be at ear level. Even if your hair is already long, gather your hair a little above the nape, create a twist and fix it with a rubber buckle. It’s that easy!

Undercut hairstyle

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 26

To style a hair in a short undercut haircut, where the sides are short and the top is slightly longer, you only need to shape the top of your hair. If your hair is not too long and you are looking for a different style, you can choose this style. If your face shape is short, you can make it look longer with this hairstyle because it is a hairstyle that adds dimension and length to your facial features. If you want to grow your short hair long, you  should also learn hair extension methods for men . 

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 27

While styling, apply gel to the top of your hair and shape it backwards with your fingers. That’s it! 

Side parted men’s hairstyle

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 28

If you are looking for a slightly formal hairstyle and have an oval face shape, you can choose a side parted hairstyle.

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 29

After applying gel or styling cream to your hair, create a deep parting from the side. Then comb your hair and you’re ready.  Do you know which beard model suits this hairstyle  ? It is important that the hair and beard models are compatible! 

Medium long wavy hairstyle

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 30

If your hair is medium length, you can opt for a wavy style. Recently, this hairstyle is often used together with a mustache and stubble. The long hair male model suits those who have sharp, angular facial features the most.

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 31

While styling your hair in this style, separate it from the side and blow dry it backwards with a round blow-dry brush, and after the blow-drying process is finished, distribute it by applying a styler with your hands.

straight hair

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 32

In this hairstyle, only the upper parts of the ears should be short and the other parts should be the same length. If your haircut is in this style, you can easily try this model. After washing your hair, dry it with the help of a hair dryer so that it remains half wet.
After drying, apply styling gel to make the fronts look straight and messy. To create a slightly triangular look towards your face, apply gel to your hands and gently triangulate your hair. You can easily create this hairstyle, which is also used by the most famous football players!

Which of these  men’s hair trends  did you like the most?

Men’s Haircut Models You Should Know

number 0 haircut

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 33

Men who like very short haircuts should definitely try the number 0 cut. We recommend haircut number 0, especially for men whose head shape is perfect. 

3 haircuts

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 34

Haircut number 3 can be called a medium short haircut.  Those who want to try men’s haircut models at home should definitely try the number 3 shave. 

number 5 haircut

Best 2021 Men's Hairstyles - 35

If you’re looking for a medium length haircut, you should definitely try the number 5 haircut! If you want, you can keep the tops longer by leaving the side of your hair short.