Although highly valued for their relaxing properties, scalp massages offer many other benefits. The three that we show you below will convince you to adopt this practice.

The scalp is the sustenance of the hair and well deserves our full attention. Giving regular massages to pamper him is the best solution. This simple and effective routine provides the following benefits:

Promotes hair growth

Massaging the scalp stimulates its vascularity and makes it more flexible. In this way, blood flows more abundantly in the hair follicle, that is, in the cavity where the hair is born. Thus, it receives all the oxygen and nutrients necessary for its growth. As a consequence, hair growth is stimulated.

Beautify hair

By being better oxygenated, the scalp removes waste and excess sebum more easily. This environment is much healthier for hair, and proof of this is that the material becomes more resistant and shiny.

Fight against hair loss

Hair is less affected by hair loss when we remove residue and sebum that suffocate it at the roots. Not to mention that scalp massage also helps to stop stress-related hair loss thanks to its relaxing power.

Of course, before adopting it, you should know that the massage must respect some precise gestures to be effective. Here’s the best technique: Use your fingertips in circular motions for 1-2 minutes on wet or dry hair. The objective is to detach the scalp without rubbing it so as not to suffer irritations.