The Before and After of a “difficult” kitchen but very well resolved

The Before and After of a “difficult” but very well resolved kitchen

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The Before and After of a “difficult” but very well resolved kitchen

The Before and After of a “difficult” but very well resolved kitchen We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The Before and After of a “difficult” but very well resolved kitchen Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The Before and After of a “difficult” but very well resolved kitchen

The reform of this kitchen is a good example that even a kitchen with a difficult layout can become in a bright Nordic style kitchen.

The elongated floor plan of this kitchen, -so much that there is no room for parallel furniture- and a beam that rests on a mochette on the work side complicated its design or rather, limited it, but above all made it difficult to transform the space into a space attractive. To achieve this, the owner resorted to the experience of Ana Lorenzana of Decoryver who successfully transformed the kitchen with minimal intervention that has included the change of old furniture for some of straight and minimalist lines.

The kitchen Before

The “Before” kitchen cabinets were laminated with a rustic-style wood finish. Finished off with moldings and in poor condition, its appearance betrayed the passage of time.

The walls throughout the kitchen were covered in striped egg-toned tile. A kitchen design mistake was that even the large beam across the kitchen ceiling had the same cladding as the walls, something that made it stand out more than it should.

The rest of accessories; the curtains, the ceiling light and the aluminum door to access the clothesline were also proof that this kitchen needed a reform.

The kitchen After

The kitchen reform has consisted of changing the kitchen furniture and some of the appliances ( the older ones like the oven and the microwave) or the sink and the new black tap . Others more current, such as the refrigerator or the washing machine have been maintained without affecting the final result.

By force has been maintained The distribution by force, should remain the same as now because the beam and column that divide the kitchen prevent the passage of water facilities to the other side.

The old furniture has been exchanged for some straight white kitchen cabinets of Dedise Kitchen . Furniture that now makes better use of the height of the kitchen to get more storage area.

The new floor, which simulates large slatted wood, has been placed on top of the old one and this one, Together with the laminated wooden worktop and the white cabinets they achieve the much desired Nordic kitchen look.

To completely cover the egg yellowish tiles, they have been painted white with tile paint by @ creadecorarecicla . The dashboard area was covered with a vinyl with a concrete or cement finish by LokoLoko .

The same vinyl has been applied to the surface of the kitchen table surface . A kitchen table very appropriate for the narrow space it occupies, but with the new coating it has lost the “coldness” of the glass.

The other details, the spotlight rail that replaces the ceiling lamp, the Escreen by Bandalux and even the new kitchen clock have a clean and minimalist design of according to the new style of the kitchen.

In addition, one of the most significant changes was the change of aluminum carpentry . The window was part of a set that included the aluminum door, and Ana Lorenzana explains to us that they had to design “an ingenious solution to change this door to the wooden one.” A change of window and access to the pantry that has meant a great change for aesthetic and practical purposes.

Thanks to Ana Lorenzana (@decoryver) From Decoryver.

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