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The ball stops because of the speed limits – they decide on an important rule

All new cars put on the market in the European Union must be equipped with a so-called speed assistant, this rule has been in effect since July 2022. The simplest method is when a camera reads the signs and displays this data, or tells you if someone is going too fast.

According to the ETSC, this is far from a perfect solution, the signs may be missing and, of course, the speed limit also depends on the category of the vehicle. Digital maps linked with GPS information are essential in these situations and are used as a complement to cameras in many new vehicles.

However, the ETSC writes that several countries collect this data only for highways and motorways, and for a few major roads and urban junctions. Autobahns are the ones where speed limits rarely change, compared to city roads – writes the organization.

Most urban and rural roads, where the vast majority of collisions occur, will not be covered by data if the changes are accepted in the upcoming vote.

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