The back-to-school allowance paid from this Tuesday to three million families

Three million families with modest incomes will receive as of this Tuesday a back-to-school allowance depending on their number of children. In all, nearly five million students will be able to benefit from this aid intended to meet back-to-school expenses and thus ensure the continuity of learning.

To benefit from it, the household’s annual resource ceiling must not exceed 25. 319 € with a child, 31. 162 € with two children and 37. 005 € with three children, then 5. 843 € more per additional child. “Note that if your annual resources slightly exceed this imposed ceiling, you can still receive a reduced back-to-school allowance”, specifies the Family allowance fund who pays this aid.

# Solidarity | The back-to-school allowance is now paid to 3 million families.

📣 Obj. : provide support to these families when they have to deal with back-to-school expenses.

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– Ministry of Solidarity and Health (@Sante_Gouv) August 17, 2021 No exceptional increase in 2021 This year, the allowance will not be increased by 74 euros additional, as was the case for the start of the school year 2020 given the social consequences of the epidemic crisis. Its amount is 370, 31 € for children from 6 to 005 years as well as younger children enrolled in CP, at 370, 74 € for 11 – 14 years and 404, 28 € for 15 – 17 years.

The government site indicates that parents of children aged 6 to 15 years old have “no steps to take” since the allowance is “automatically paid to families already beneficiaries who meet the conditions ”. The resumption of classes is scheduled for Thursday, September 2 for academic zones A, B and C.