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The authorities struck: half a million liters of fake detergent, cleaning agent, fabric softener and shampoo were seized

They wrote that they checked the warehouses based on a public interest report, where they found more than 400,000 liters of “popular brand” liquid detergent, cleaning agent, fabric softener and shampoo prepared for delivery and sale.

More than 800 bags of vacuum-sealed salt and other raw materials were piled up in the buildings. Two hundred pallets of cardboard, bottles and labels needed for packaging were found, which corresponds to the total capacity of six tractor-trailers.

NAV Budapest investigators spent a week inspecting the liquids, raw materials and packaging materials, which were seized and transported to a crime warehouse.

The fake cleaning products were bottled, stored and prepared for transport at the Budapest industrial site in highly objectionable conditions from a hygienic point of view

– informed the customs office.

According to the declarations of the right holders of the products they are not original goods, that is, the products are fake. The investigation was initiated due to suspicion of a criminal violation of industrial property rights, the NAV announced.

Cover image: Guido Mieth via Getty Images